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Ready to accelerate digital innovation?

Sure you are. Tietoevry Create is the leading digital accelerator for innovation and sustainable value creation. We combine business design with software engineering to bring digital business to life.

Join our team

Join our team


We are looking for:

Software Developers 
for DevOps, Episerver, Analytics, .NET, and Full Stack (Frontend and Backend), Cloud Native, and Embedded.

Business Consultants
 for Analytics, Digital Strategy, Graph and Semantics, and Search and Findability.

Product and Project Managers 
including Scrum Masters and Agile Leaders.

You can find all our open positions in Sweden HERE.


We are looking for: 

Solution Consultants
 for Cloud Native, Microsoft 365, and Content Management.

Software Developers and Architects
 for DevOps, Java, and Full Stack. 

Cloud Native Developer

Technical Application Managers for Operations and Management..

You can find all our open positions in Norway HERE.


We are looking for:

Software Developers and Architects for DevOps, Integration, Full Stack, Cloud and Mobile, Java, API and Microsoft technologies. 

Solution Consultants for Integration, API, Microsoft platforms, and Full Stack. 

You can find all our open positions in Finland

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Don't worry!

We are continuously updating this site with new positions. You can also find other possibilities within Tietoevry below: 

Tietoevry Careers

Tietoevry Tech Services

Are you ready for some Good Code?


Meet our people

Shangqianzi Teng

Product Guardian


She is a shining example of a woman who is changing the tech world. With a passion for technology and a master's degree in hand, she embarked on a remarkable journey.

Read the full story

Henri Väisänen

Software Developer

"I work for a customer in the pension insurance business. The software developer is part of a team that develops a renewed web service for handling personal customer's pension services. The goal is to design a more intuitive and effective digital service resulting in excellent customer experience"

Read the full story

Shashi Prabha Singh

Vice President at Tietoevry Create India


From software developer to visionary leader. Shashi’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of passion and, determination in driving innovation and empowering teams in the world of technology. 

Read the full story

Maryna Tirshu

Head of the Benelux Market and Head of Strategy

photo225 (2).png

One of our leaders from Ukraine is breaking barriers and making a significant impact in the tech industry with her impressive track record and commitment to diversity.

Read the full story

David Kraft

Project Manager

“Working with change, at the interface between technology and humanity, is a real privilege”
David is changing the world through digitalisation, as a software developer and project manager at Tietoevry Create.

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Eugenia Spano

Scrum Master and Team Lead

Technical roles need soft skills – why I became a team player and diversified my skills.
What do they mean when they list ‘teamwork and collaboration’ as desired soft skills in job applications, and why are they so important?

Read the full story

Why choose us?

Have a truly hybrid workplace

We believe that the future of work is hybrid - it drives employee experience, customer experience and overall sustainability - and we hope you feel the same. Choose to work in a way that fits and supports your different needs.

Be an important part of the team

While we might not be saving the world, we are making a better one – and you can as well. Be a part of our multi-cultural team and work with truly impactful projects daily.

Learn through meaningful work

Besides different external courses, we will support you with self-development and give you the opportunity to learn from competent colleagues and game-changing projects.

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How we are accelerating

Tackling bullying with a “digital twin”


In order to combat bullying, we've partnered up with Friends and the University of Örebro to create a digital twin of bullying..

Learn more

Time to embrace the virtual


Volvo Trucks empowers technicians around the world to learn about electric trucks in Virtual Reality, creating a more inclusive, sustainable and safe training.

Learn more

Decarbonization in Europe


Tietoevry is accelerating decarbonization in Europe via the Energy ESC project together with 30 organizations from eight European countries. 

Learn more

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