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Findwise i3

Turning your search engine into an insight engine

Intelligence Information Integration

Findwise i3 (intelligence information integration) is an information platform built on top of world leading search engines such as Elasticsearch, Apache Solr and OpenSearch. It uses search technology to make information valuable.

To create outstanding services, information needs to be relevant, complete, and presented in a meaningful context. Findwise i3 enables quality enterprise solutions without costly development. i3 gathers and refines any data and lets you find, analyze and distribute information. It is based on knowledge from more than 15 years of building all flavors of search solutions as well as actionable analytics. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of Findwise i3 for your business.

Tomasz Sobczak

Lead Product Manager

What is i3?

Findwise i3 is an information engine to access data in real-time. It contains everything necessary to build data-driven solutions based on one of the leading search engines: Elasticsearch, Apache Solr or OpenSearch. Get actionable insights for smarter decision-making thanks to a full range of features focused on search experience, tuning & monitoring relevance

  • Gathers any data using various connectors
  • Filters and categorizes large, complex amounts of data
  • Rewards content integration
  • Discovers and recommends information
  • Seamlessly handles security and access rights
  • Displays, analyzes, and provides actionable insights
  • Cloud-readiness with container-first approach
  • Machine learning and processing natural language
  • Completely customizable and highly scalable


Key capabilities

Tailored search applications

Within most organizations, there are several target groups and different information needs. i3 is suitable for digital workplace search, e-commerce, product 360 view, customer service or any tailored search solution. With i3 as your information hub, you can easily re-use your technical setup and search experience.

Search driven analytics

Findwise i3 is combining traditional business intelligence with search technology. This means that you can ask business critical questions via the search box as well as use dashboards to visualize and drill down data to look for answers.

Multichannel distribution of information

Most organizations wish to re-use and share information in various channels. Sharing between colleagues and units internally, as well as sharing information externally for suppliers and clients. With Findwise i3 you can combine classic information retrieval with graph structures and machine learning as well as natural language processing to enhance and share the most relevant data.

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