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Tietoevry advances development of innovative citizen services through the Trusted Digital Societies ecosystem

Multiple co-innovation and co-research projects kicked off in 2022. More than 60 organizations already joined the Trusted Digital Societies ecosystem.

26 May 2023

The Trusted Digital Societies network is a Business Finland funded initiative to boost investment in research, development and innovation in Finland, with the aim of solving some of society's most pressing challenges. Led by Tietoevry, the five-year programme kicked off in 2022 with a focus on developing affordable, accessible and trusted digital services in the financial, health, social and energy sectors.

More than 60 organizations have now joined the programme, with 25 applications received for co-innovation projects in Finland and elsewhere in the EU. In the programme’s first year, Tietoevry initiated a series of workshops aimed at developing relevant architecture and ecosystem strategies as well as began working with national, EU and international regulators on necessary compliance and regulatory frameworks.

“Activities in 2022 resulted in several co-research and co-innovation projects linked to the thematic roadmaps of the Trusted Digital Societies network. We are now gearing up continuously in 2023 for funding calls in Finland and across the EU, as well as our ecosystem development with co-innovation within our network” says Tietoevry Program Owner, Christian Sundell.


Key developments in each of the areas covered by the programme include the following:

Financial Services

A real-time invoice-payments ecosystem is under development and has already showcased several new services.

“Our project to introduce invoice readiness with real-time payment and information flows for Finland has attracted interest from various stakeholders. We will soon complete the first proof-of-value project, where we are testing the end-to-end solution in Finland utilizing Visa's platform from their UK market service as a sandbox,” says Sami Uski from Tietoevry Banking.

The programme’s financial-services work is focused on designing the technology framework for machine learning and trustworthy AI in banking, especially with regards to credit. A range of credit-focused application ideas and pilot projects have already been initiated, including the use of machine learning for risk analysis of loan portfolios.

The work is guided by upcoming European banking regulations on data usage in the financial sector. Prevention of financial crime is a key focus area, and the network partners are actively encouraging collaboration between universities, other research partners, and fintech companies.

Health & Care

In Finland, a committed ecosystem of organizations is working on developing national digital services for modern healthcare and social services, where research institutes, industry companies and communities in the ecosystem are eagerly working to develop this area.


The Trusted Digital Society network has facilitated events that have resulted in active development co-operation. This work is guided by the health- and social care sectors’ accelerating transition towards digitalization, and the use of data as an enabler of patient-centric care and healthcare production management.

“In the project's first year the focus was on developing a digital architecture in the ecosystem and the use of modern medical-text analytics. Both projects make significant strides towards becoming commercialized solutions,” says Petteri Mussalo from Tietoevry Care.

“As a result of close cooperation between the network partners, we were able to kick off several research and product-development projects. These included researching analytics’ solutions for large data masses, anonymized patient data, and monitoring data, as well as ecosystem architecture definition,” says Christian Sundell.

The network partners have also refined their plans for the development of social and healthcare digital services. The work focuses on user-centric design and accelerated effort in meeting national and international requirements for digital healthcare services.

Energy & City

Key initiatives for the energy sector focused on concept development and requirements’ studies related to energy-consumption profiles, wind-solution development, and market solutions for energy flexibility.

Two projects were kicked off with partners in 2022, and two co-innovation candidates were in preparation. The latest project aims to develop capabilities in the distribution of the edge-computing software used for participation in the Fast Frequency Reserve market.


Enabling Technologies

Within the programme Tietoevry has also conceptualized machine-learning and analytics-lifecycle management solutions with several companies. This work included analyzing biases and their impact on the use of artificial intelligence for IT operations. Tietoevry also participated in the founding of a digital-trust ecosystem enabled by a digital identity, taking EU and international regulations and standardization into consideration.



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For more information, please contact:

Christian Sundell, Program Owner of Veturi at Tietoevry,

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