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Komatsu Forest chooses Tietoevry Tech Services as strategic partner for Dynamics 365

05 July 2024

The partnership between Tietoevry Tech Services and Komatsu Forest will enable Komatsu Forest to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. This will be achieved through Tietoevry Tech Services' extensive expertise in managing Dynamics 365 and providing "Next Generation" Application Development and Management (ADM) services. These services will focus on automation, agility, and continuous delivery.

Komatsu Forest has continuously demonstrated its commitment to becoming a technology leader in its industry. This commitment aligns perfectly with Tietoevry Tech Service’s vision to help our customers modernize their digital landscape to be fit for new opportunities in the rapidly changing business environment, pushing the boundaries of technology and transforming the global business landscape.

Leveraging our Microsoft Inner Circle membership, Tietoevry Tech Servies will proactively work with Komatsu Forest to optimize their Dynamics 365 solution. As an Inner Circle member, Tietoevry Tech Services gains exclusive access to Microsoft's latest industry developments, providing us with unique insights and enabling us to deliver maximum value to our clients.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to drive progress and deliver significant value to our clients. Our experienced team will work closely with Komatsu Forest to develop tailored solutions that address specific challenges faced by the industry, thus accelerating their progress, and enhancing operational efficiency,” says Peter Sjödal, Head of Segment Industry and Commercial in Tietoevry Tech Services, Sweden.

The partnership between Tietoevry and Komatsu Forest marks an important milestone in our shared vision of embracing digitalization. With the combined expertise and resources of both companies, the partnership promises to pave the way for increased efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth.

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Peter Sjödahl

Head of Segment Industry and Commercial of Tietoevry Tech Services, Sweden

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