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Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM)

An Energy Components module that integrates models & optimizes petroleum assets, allowing to chain together upstream & downstream modeling applications & measured data to an asset wide digital twin.

Well test to compositional wellstream

Energy Components Integrated Asset Modeling (EC IAM) solution allows for accurate molecular tracking, consistent well performance evaluation and provides accurate input to reservoir simulation history matching.

Aleksander Juell

Director Upstream


Lab Tests and Modeling of CO₂ Injection in Chalk with Fracture

Matrix Transport Mechanisms

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MS Shale Reserve Forecasting

Model Consistency and Uncertainty

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MS Diluent Injection Optimization for a Heavy Oil Field

Integrated modeling solution designed to maximize the reservoir oil production

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MS Compositional Variation in SAGD

This paper describes a detailed study of compositional variation in a SAGD process.

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MS Real-Time Production Optimization

Of a Production Network with ESP-boosted wells: A Case Study

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Energy Components

Hydrocarbon Management

Download the Brochure and find out how leading oil and gas companies are staying ahead of the competition by utilizing Tieto's industry-leading Hydrocarbon Mangement Solutions.

Key benefits

Investment Decisions

Supporting you with infrastructure investments, greenfield developments & Tie-in evaluations. Truly integrated computational model captures actual dependencies and helps you in evaluating scenarios with confidence.

Long term planning

EC IAM allows oil and gas companies to graphically and computationally to integrate models, optimize petroleum assets and improve long term planning. Obtain forecast and prognosis that cover the entire value chain.

Value Chain Optimization

EC IAM provides sensitivity assessment and optimization capabilities to define opportunities dependent on complex cause-and-effect dependencies affecting the entire value chain. Obtain most profitable options on day-to-day production or get entire life-cycle value enhancements.

Green Field Development

EC IAM is used to optimize field development plans, model how changes to infrastructure affect bottlenecks and asset performance, and to improve long term planning and reservoir recovery strategies. Millions of dollar savings have been obtained by non-intuitive, model-supported solutions.

Compositional Management

Get an overview of the composition of produced fluids at each key node in the production system. At all times. This is essential in predicting undesirable conditions resulting in flow assurance issues. An to help evaluate the effectiveness of applied chemicals. Optimum mixing of fluids can be studied and best operating conditions set as the fluid composition changes with time and with different wells becoming part of the production.

Key features

Computational Asset (Digital Twin)

A complete equivalent of the real asset is duplicated within the highly intuitive and flexible graphical environment. All dependencies are captured. The customers’ preferred and popular images of the asset is used as the backdrop with measured and model data overlaying over it – making it a Dynamic field


The solution is completely independent of the vendor of the engineering software or the data historian. The customer is totally in control and can mix-n-match best-in-class engineering software for the specific part of the entire asset. Often from competing vendors, which is unheard of in the industry. Use GAP & Prosper in the same integrated model. Or Olga and LedaFlow.

Web enabled

Press a button and the digital twin of your asset is available for visualization and monitoring from a Web Browser. The RestAPI is the communication protocol. The browser becomes your interface to set parameters, launch runs & optimizations and to view the results. Laptop, tablet, mobile phones are all supported out of the box.


There is no need to build integrated models or digital twins of your asset from scratch. Script it using Python. Use a template and adapt it your needs using Rest API. Or a combination. Either way, building large, complex models are made manageable and efficient using automation features of EC IAM.


EC IAM models are build in a modular way with each part encapsulated with self-contained sub-projects. They can be exported and delegated to teams dedicated to those parts. Once enhanced and completed, those sub-projects can be re-imported into the master. This give improved maintainability and sustainability.

Embed it!

EC IAM projects can be executed in a terminal (Linux) or a command line (Windows) at run time. Hence they lend themselves to being embedded in devices and IoT components, performing their task efficiently.

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