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Rapid innovation and design

Innovate products and services that are feasible, viable and desirable. Our Innovation Center has the capabilities to accelerate your business through design-driven development.

From idea to business value

Innovation is, at its core, simply a really good idea that translates into something which creates value in a way that has not been done before.

As the leading digital services company in the Nordics, we, together with our customers, get to work with the most interesting problems facing society – both today and in the future.

From helping to ease loneliness and the loss of control felt by senior citizens, to helping forest management with virtual data-driven simulations using A, we’re proud of our work and the positive impact we have on people’s lives.

Before launching successful services, our approach is to rapidly test new ideas, work on proof of concepts, develop minimal viable products and - if successful - scale them into meaningful products and services. By learning quickly, we make development agile and cost-efficient when necessary changes are identified early in the development process.

Markus Hautala

Head of Innovation Center

Key capabilities

Service design

We have a proven toolbox of innovation, service and product development consisting of insight, focus, ideation and prototype. We aim to ensure that the right challenges are being solved, while as many options as possible are considered to identify the best approach to maximize value. Our creative work is based on extensive insights into business and user needs, to ensure that investments and efforts are directed where they matter most.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping capabilities ensure a smooth way of testing new ideas and solutions with users and other stakeholders during the early phase of development. We engage in quick experimentation to gain feedback on user desirability, technical feasibility and business viability. Our learn-fast approach also makes development more agile and cost-efficient when necessary changes are identified early in the process.

Ecosystem design and development

Many real innovations are born at the crossroads of different industries. Our ecosystem design and development model facilitates co-innovation across industry ecosystems. We have ongoing engagements with Nordic and leading international research institutions, SMEs and the start-up ecosystem. We aim to expand our knowledge and bring the most relevant insights and connections to our customers, to create something new that has not been done before.

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