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Tietoevry awarded "Solution Partner of the Year, Nordic region"

At this years Opticon World Tour Optimizely awarded Platinum Partner Tietoevry this prestigious award.

01 December 2023

Tietoevry Create is pleased to announce that we have been honoured with the prestigious award of Solution Partner of the Year in the Nordic region for the year 2023. This recognition reinforces our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and highlights our commitment to our customers' success on the Optimizely Platform.

With extensive experience and curiosity for new opportunities, our team at Tietoevry Create has developed a deep understanding of Optimizely and its capabilities. Over the years, we have built strong and long-standing collaborations with our customers, earning their trust as a reliable partner who can offer expertise and support to maximize the benefits of Optimizely's various products and functional components.

When it comes to Digital Experiences, Tietoevry Create brings a diverse range of expertise across various industries, with a particular focus on manufacturing and B2B commerce, the public sector, as well as external websites and intranets. Our portfolio of successful implementations spans different sectors, demonstrating our ability to deliver tangible results.

We employ an insight-driven approach, leveraging UX, front-end development, analysis, and experimentation to create optimized digital experiences that help you achieve strong outcomes and meet your goals effectively.

At Tietoevry Create, we have a dedicated and certified team of developers with strong expertise in .NET. Our experienced developers, some of whom have received the prestigious title of Optimizely Most Valuable Person (OMVP), possess the skills necessary to craft robust and customizable solutions tailored to meet specific needs.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to every member of our team and our highly valued long-term customers. We are proud to be your trusted partner in your digital journey, and we look forward to embarking on many more successful projects together. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Optimizely for this recognition and remain dedicated to pushing boundaries.



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Jesper Viktor

Head of Digital Experience, Create Sweden

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