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Tietoevry and Tracy of Sweden enter into a partnership agreement for full traceability and transparency throughout the entire forest industry's value chain from forest to end product

27 May 2021

TietoEVRY has signed a partnership agreement with Tracy of Sweden, which means that TietoEVRY's customers in the forest industry are now given a unique opportunity to track and identify individual logs digitally throughout the production chain, from the individual tree's growing site to the end product. This means, among other things, simpler certification processes, optimal use of raw materials, more efficient warehousing, and more accurate deliveries. It also creates opportunities for more transparent and sustainable forestry.

Being able to digitally identify and track logs through the forest industry's value chain, all the way to production has not previously been possible. Tracy's patented technology, Tracy Forestry ™, solves that challenge by creating digital identification of each individual log. The identification is based on a photo analysis of the tree's own fingerprint, the log end's unique pattern.

- Being able to fully digitize the forest flow for our customers provides unique opportunities. In the long run, this will have major positive effects from both a sustainability and streamlining point of view for the entire Nordic forest industry. We are pleased to have the opportunity to implement Tracy of Sweden's technology in all the significant forest projects we run in Sweden and the Nordic countries, says Alexandra Andersson, Head of Natural Resources at Tietoevry.

With the help of Tracy of Sweden's cameras and advanced image analysis algorithms, each individual log can be identified and analyzed digitally so that the log becomes an information carrier throughout the production chain. It is a new dimension of information data that was not previously available, which means that Tietoevry and Tracy of Sweden now together create an innovative digital value chain and make it completely transparent, from felling to industry and on to the end product.

For the forest industry, Tracy Forestry ™ also means that inventory management becomes simpler and more sustainable as, via a quick photo analysis, you can get accurate information about how long ago the tree was felled. Being able to quickly and easily identify how old the wood means that the correct batches can be prioritized during production so that, among other things, less chemicals are required when producing pulp.

- For us, it is a significant strategic step to be able to offer Tracy's digital efficiency-enhancing solution to Tietoevry's large customer base. Tracy of Sweden is now leaving the start-up phase and from a global perspective, our goal is for Tracy Forestry ™ to lead to a paradigm shift in sustainability for the global forest industry. Our technological breakthrough for complete traceability is a tool for the countries of the world to be able to prevent illegal felling and trade. A tool for making the UN's sustainability goals a reality, says Judith Maria Rendahl, Head of Communication and Conceptual Development at Tracy of Sweden.

The partnership agreement enters into force immediately and covers Tietoevry's projects at the Nordic level. Already today, several pilot projects are underway where the technology is used in daily operations.

For further information or inquiries, please contact:

Tietoevry Newsdesk: +46 70 234 20 02,

Tracy of Sweden: +46 70 555 46 09,

About Tietoevry

Tietoevry creates digital benefits for companies and society. We are a leading Nordic digital service and software company with a local presence and global capacity. Our Nordic values ​​and our Nordic heritage govern our success.

Tietoevry is headquartered in Finland and has around 24,000 experts employed globally. The company provides service to thousands of companies and organizations in the private and public sectors in more than 90 countries. TietoEVRY has annual sales of approximately EUR 3 billion and the shares are listed on NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm and on the Oslo Stock Exchange. 

About Tracy of Sweden

Tracy of Sweden has developed a patented technology, Tracy Forestry ™, which is a technical breakthrough for the delivery of digital genuine traceability at individual log level in accordance with current requirements from the EU Timber Regulation, FSC, and PEFC. Gold winner of SkogsElmia Innovation Award 2019 in Sweden, for best forest industry innovation. Tracy bases its organization on modern organizational theory, which provides high flexibility and speed in adjustments depending on the opportunities and challenges to be handled. Tracy builds collaboration with individual specialists and companies with the cutting-edge expertise that drives development forward.

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