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ADAS and Automated Driving

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), assisted and automated driving pave the way towards safer driving, adapted HMI and comprehensive functionality that enhance safety on the road.

Safety and quality assured

With our long-term expertise in creating complex software, we are uniquely positioned to bring data-centric, high-performance technology into cars – with connectivity, telematics, camera and computer vision knowledge – and produce automotive safety-certified software.

Our ADAS expertise can help you create a tailored, fail-operational and non-distractive HMI. We develop our SW according to design and coding guidelines of ISO 26262 compliant software deliveries. We aim to secure your software quality and help you speed up your development. We offer our customers the most flexible solutions for future-proof in-vehicle architecture.
Emmanuel Maillard

VP, Automotive Software

Key features

ISO 26262 Compliance

We follow standard guidelines, processes and tool chain for development of automotive safety-critical software. The safety-critical software components we produced successfully passed TÜV audits.

Flexible, scalable architecture

We have experience with multiple operating systems and middleware including QNX, Integrity, Autosar Classic, Autosar Adaptive – which are well adapted for ADAS use cases and application development.

Advanced applications and algorithms

Create advanced driving assistance functions, such as parking assist using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML), for updating high-definition map content through car-sensors data fusion and analytics with advanced algorithms.

V2X Communication

Enabling the future autonomous cars and enhancing further road safety.

Driver monitoring for safer traffic

We are happy to demonstrate our repeatable concept to develop advanced driver monitoring systems.

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