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PodCast: Scalable Edge Computing Reference Platform

Join us to listen to the Scalable Edge Computing Reference Platform podcast episode with Intel® Conversations in the Cloud.

Marcin Nicpon / October 21, 2021

Open-source-based edge computing solutions are a tempting option because the usage is free and they advance with collaborative innovation. But how to address the challenges of immaturity for commercial deployments and lack of support? Listen to the episode with Marcin Nicpon and Jake Smith, Intel® Conversations in the Cloud host.

Many companies develop their edge computing strategies to improve their services' performance, cost-efficiency, and security. Marcin describes how does the scalable edge computing reference platform help to exceed in open-source based edge computing deployments. Use cases are relevant for example for Telecom, Automotive, Smart City, Smart Home, and MedTech industries trying to make the best out of open-source-based edge computing solutions.

Grab the tips below to listen to the episode:

3:05 Which benefit the Scalable Edge Computing Reference Platform, based on Intel Smart Edge Open (OpenNESS), brings to industries and different use cases leveraging for example Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence?

6:16 Importance of open source and what is the impact of it

9:11 How can Tietoevry help companies to make the best out of open-source solutions and edge computing?

10:42 What key open-source features in collaboration with Intel you would recommend?

12:36 How does the future of open-source solutions and edge computing look like in general and for Tietoevry specifically?

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Marcin Nicpon
Telco Ecosystem Solutions Director

Marcin has more than 18 years of experience in Telco and Cloud delivering software solutions for OEMs, TEMs and Silicon vendors designing and optimizing mobile communications networks and cloud solutions. He is very strong in NFV area, including implementations of several ETSI based use-cases.

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