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Metso: Enhancing the digital customer experience for the aggregates industry

We helped Metso solve real-world customer problems and enhance digital customer experience with

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Jaakko Hartikainen

Tietoevry alumni

The challenge

Metso wanted to significantly improve the daily work of its distributors and end customers, not only now, but years into the future.  

The solution is a new digital channel for easy ordering of Metso spare and wear parts. It offers uninterrupted, real-time access to Metso’s digital services. It makes work easier and more efficient for distributors and direct end customers, as it enables working while on the go or in a remote quarry.

About the customer

Metso is a world-leading industrial company offering equipment and services for the sustainable processing and flow of natural resources in the mining, aggregates, recycling and process industries.

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It offers uninterrupted, real-time access to Metso’s digital services

Real-time access

It offers uninterrupted, real-time access to Metso’s digital services

First-class customer experience for the aggregates industry

Enhanced customer experience

First-class customer experience for the aggregates industry

Work can be done on the go or in a remote quarry

Makes work easier and more efficient

Work can be done on the go or in a remote quarry


Integrating everything Metso’s distributors and end customers need into the same platform

Through digital development, Metso aspires to reshape its industry. Metso wanted to enhance customer experience, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase efficiency and sales by engaging with its businesses and dealer network to contribute to the common goal of implementing superior digital services.

Metso’s aim was to integrate everything its distributors and customers need into the same platform – from sales of machines and parts to remote monitoring and service to supply-chain planning and logistics – and build a holistic, omnichannel solution, which will provide its distributors and customers with peace of mind and allow them to focus and succeed in their own daily business.

The objective of Metso’s digital journey is to solve real-world customer problems. Agile development is the only way to go when delivering large-scale solutions in the new, digital world.

Jari Puroranta

Chief Digital Officer, Metso

Easy and effortless equipment ordering, with real-time visibility of relevant data

Metso’s omnichannel solution is developed for a dispersed, global distributor base. It facilitates communication between Metso and its distributors and provides real-time access to Metso’s digital services, thus strengthening customer loyalty and increasing efficiency and sales. enables identifying the right equipment, right service job, and right spare or wear part, and makes ordering equipment and parts easy and effortless – anywhere and anytime.

Usability is a key focus of The omnichannel solution is continually developed, with features and functionality added on based on feedback. In years to come will enable Metso’s customers to buy entire machines and related maintenance and parts as a service, without having to think about the “whens” and “hows” of machine maintenance, as decisions regarding servicing equipment or running machines will happen automatically in the background.

Metso’s goal is to be the leading global OEM in the aggregates industry, and digitalization is key to Metso’s future. By seeking innovations and driving its customers’ success, Metso aims to push its industry into a new, digital age.

Jani Puroranta

Chief Digital Officer, Metso

We swiftly developed an omnichannel solution with an agile approach

Metso is one of our largest manufacturing customers and we have a long history of working together. Currently, such companies are faced with the challenge of transforming their business operations, product strategy and sales based on the possibilities presented by the digital era. We assisted Metso in delivering world-class digital experiences to their customers, while simultaneously helping Metso become more agile.

From day one, we worked towards common goals. We used a Design Thinking approach that ensured our objectives were aligned with end customer needs and expectations, and a Scaled Agile framework which allowed us to scale as required.

While working together, a tight partnership between Tieto and Metso team members was quickly established, with visible trust and transparency in our cooperation – all key prerequisites to success in agile development projects.

We knew we were not only building a solution. We were enhancing customer experience by helping Metso’s customers reach their goals and witnessing change in the operations of an industry leader.

Our agile way of working allowed Metso and us to develop an omnichannel solution swiftly with short iteration cycles and full transparency. Metso launched with its first distributors in just six months. Now Metso is rolling out the solution globally and adding features and functionality along the way.


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