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PPS Model

The modern and flexible model

PPS Model

The model provides complete support for all the activities involved in a project. Benefit, communication and mutually achieving positive results are always areas of focus.

Tietoevry PPS

The model for successful projects

PPS Strategic steering

Effective governance is mostly about prioritising correctly between different projects, programmes and other initiatives. This is done in order to secure maximum resource utilization and that the business benefits are optimal.

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PPS Business benefit management

An expected benefit can be described as being the future state that is to be achieved within a company. In PPS the benefit owner is ultimately responsible for describing the expected benefit and for drawing up a Business case.

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PPS Project steering

The PPS project model provides support for all types of projects. The model is scalable, based on practical experiences and is in line with standards. PPS shows what is to be done, how it should be done and who is responsible for what. Practical support for project management can be found in different skills and templates, etc. included in PPS.

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PPS and Agile

PPS and Agile work well together! The need to prioritise initiatives and projects is increasing and quickly gaining business value is becoming more and more important. Many businesses see Agile as a way of increasing their ability and to deliver results more quickly. At the same time, they want to maintain the relatively simple control they have, provided using more traditional business and project methodology and decision models.

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Reasons to choose PPS

Acknowledged model

PPS is widely used in both the public and private sector. Chances are that your customers and suppliers use the model

More about the benefits of PPS


PPS can be utilised in your organisation, no matter the branch, size or project complexity. The model adapts to your needs!

Role based

PPS provides complete support for the entire project operation, independently of your role in the project

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