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PPS project steering

The PPS project model provides support for all types of projects. The model is scalable, based on pratical experiences and is in line with standards within the industry

PPS project steering

PPS shows what is to be done, how it should be done and who is responsible for what. Practical support for project management can be found in different skills and templates, etc. included in PPS

Projects are different, the prerequisites and steering vary. Everything that is described in PPS cannot – and does not need to – be used in all projects. Making conscious decisions and adapting the use of the model to the needs is a necessary part of everyday project management. The model includes support for how you do things, in the form of skills, templates, checklists, procedures and role descriptions. Project management is responsible for delivering the project objectives.

The PPS model for project steering describes the three phases; preparation, execution and conclusion. The phases are supplemented by Decision points, in which the steering group makes decisions and also the steps that the project needs to execute. The steps contain support that describe how to do things, in the form of skills, templates, checklists, procedures and role descriptions.

Prepare project

PPS Prepare projects

Preparation covers the activities between DP1 and DP3. The aim is to define the project objective and the limitations and how the work will be carried out, in practice. A project plan that includes a project objective will be agreed upon together with the steering group at DP3 and it will constitute the basis for the execution.

Execute project

PPS execute project

The execution concerns the activities between DP4 and DP7. It is here the results are created, which will lead to the fulfilment of the project objective. How the results are created and with which strategy the work is carried out may vary, but the steering model can always be used. Agile is a strategy that is becoming more and more common. The benefit is continuously checked throughout the course of the project, to secure a usable result and a successful project.

Conclude project

PPS Conclude project

The Conclusion means returning the resources that the project has used. A summing up of the project’s progress the experiences learned are gathered and compiled in a final report, which can be used for future projects. The project is closed at DP8.

Expected benefit and business change 

The project focuses on achieving the agreed project objective, but we must also bear in mind the effect the project will contribute to business. In order for the project to contribute the greatest possible benefit you also need to work on changes in the operation. These activities are led by the benefit owner. 

PPS benefit model

The work of the benefit owner focuses on securing the expected benefit. The expected benefits and project objectives are evaluated, from an early initiative and during all the activities involved in the production of the project’s results, based on the operational benefit and cost. Necessary changes to operations are planned and implemented, in order to secure the achievement of the expected benefit. The benefit owner’s tasks also include providing a basis for the overall prioritisation of the project portfolio.

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