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PPS OnLine

Your digital tool for supporting your project

PPS OnLine

The PPS model is pre-packed with the PPS OnLine web application. Here you will find all the support you need from the PPS model. PPS OnLine is divided into three levels: Portfolio management, Business benefit management and project management. You choose the level that suits your role and will you will easily get the support that you need. In addition to the decision of levels and roles, you will find a large amount of project-related information such as, for example:

You choose your gateway into PPS OnLine, based on the size of your project, and you will easily get the right support, when needed.

PPS OnLine

Easily available - In PPS OnLine you will have easy access to the entire PPS project model, with step-by-step descriptions, templates, skills and checklists.

Role-based – Your project role determines your gateway into PPS OnLine, and provides you with the right support, needed for your specific role.

Tailor-made - PPS OnLine can be tailor-made to suit your business needs and standards where, for example, templates and information are adapted based on your desires.

Yearly versions – Customer-driven development and yearly versions, where the user always has access to the latest version.

Several languages - PPS OnLine is available in Swedish and English.

Agile – support regarding the Agile method and how it works with PPS as the governing model.

Project standards – Mapping with existing standards such as IPMA, PMI and ISO.

Business change – PPS approach and spport regarding change and change management

Glossary – A glossary of the terms and words we use, and what they mean.

Classification – A tool for finding out how complex a project is.

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