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This is why you should choose PPS

The modern and flexible model

This is why you should choose PPS 

Choosing a project model is like changing part of your business operations. You will have a common language and will work effectively. The PPS model provides support for the project activities and facilitate communication and decision-making. This is supplemented by training sessions and consultancy services. PPS has a comprehensive offering for increasing project maturity in your operation and for gaining the benefits of what you invest in.

PPS delivers

  • A well-recognised project model that is established in large areas of trade and industry and the public sector. There is a good chance that your customers and sub-contractors utilise the model.
  • A common working method for all project roles, at all levels, from the portfolio to project members. This increases an understanding of the result and commitment in projects.
  • Adaptable and independent of the line of business and the size of your organisation. You can use the model for both simple and complex projects, programmes and portfolios
  • PPS OnLine is a useful web application for your everyday life. PPS OnLine gives you access to practical support in your project activities, by step-by-step descriptions, templates and checklists, hence the name Practical Project Steering.
  • Low maintenance and developments costs. You share the costs for development and maintenance with over 150 licence customers.
  • Experience-sharing PMO get-togethers and Customer event days/Customer experience days are arranged for PPS customers, where you can exchange experiences and network with other organisations. It will also be possible for you to influence the development of the PPS model by participating in different development activities.
  • International standards. PPS product steering monitors international project standards such as IPMA, PMI and ISO. PPS gives you a good foundation for certification.
  • Cooperates with other working methods. The approach and content of PPS provides good prerequisites for cooperation with other working methods such as Agile, Lean and Scrum.
  • PPS courses will provide you and your organisation with the right prerequisites and insight into how you can work with the model. We train both internally and in so-called open courses.
  • PPS Consulting services provide your business with the support you need. Our experienced consultants help you with the challenges that you face.


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