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Boss I’m Back! Lena Svensson, Solution Consultant

"I value that our company is working with environmental issues", says Lena who decided to do a comeback to Tietoevry.

Lena Svensson / July 03, 2023

I am Lena Svensson, a Solution Consultant (Business Analyst) from Sweden.

I am working with Public 360° customers and helping them to use Public 360° in the best possible way. When I left Tietoevry, I joined a Norwegian company that develops e-archive. I stayed there for four years. I liked the job, but I missed having more than 2-3 Swedish colleagues. Even though I tend to like working in smaller companies, that company’s Swedish department was a bit too small.

Working in the Public 360° team feels like working in a smaller company, with the benefits and advantages that come with a company of Tietoevry’s size. I was lucky to be able to go back to my old job. It is of course interesting to learn new things, but having a good knowledge of the area is a big advantage and makes it easier to get up to speed.

When I came back, I was surprised that so little had changed. Of course, there are a lot of new things in Public 360°, new colleagues, and so on, but still, a lot were very familiar.

The thing I missed most was my colleagues, especially because I have worked with some of them before for about 10 years. They are also one of the things I value the most in my everyday work. It is also important that Tietoevry has stability but still is a flexible company. I also value that our company is working with environmental issues, equality and supports for example Friends organization here in Sweden and other good causes.

Greetings to other Tietoevry alumni who are wondering, if they should return?

Everyone is different and thrives in different environments, but I think that Tietoevry can fit many personalities so why not give it a try? I did and I like it.

Are you considering doing a comeback? Check out our open positions!   

Lena Svensson
Solution Consultant


Lena Svensson

Solution Consultant

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