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Boss I'm Back! Krystian Margas, Service Delivery Manager

"I value the clear path to promotion and the fact that management is very supportive", says Krystian who made a comeback to Tietoevry.

Krystian Margas / May 31, 2023

I am Krystian Margas and I work as Service Delivery Manager in Czechia.

I support my Swedish customers by clarifying processes in Tietoevry Tech Services. My purpose is to better internal cooperation by understanding each stakeholder. I believe that finding value within our collaboration enables us to improve the experience for our customers.

When I left Tieto, which later became Tietoevry, I worked as a Problem Manager at another technology company. For nearly two years, I managed deep-dive analysis and improvement ideas in cooperation with different technical teams. I came back to Tietoevry because I received a growth opportunity from the leadership and, simply saying, enjoyed my previous experience. This is the first IT company I worked for, and I find it a bit special in some way. It’s good to be back. 😊

The plans surprised me, and the fact that Tietoevry is going to move to a different office in Ostrava. I can’t wait to see it happening! Besides, it is nice to talk again to some people I lost contact with, as some are still working at Tietoevry.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, I missed the office and opportunities to hang out with my colleagues. It’s nice to grab a coffee and slow down for a moment, which is very much possible at Tietoevry. I value the clear path to promotion and the fact that management is very supportive – not only they are here to help at any time. They are also very good at finding exciting opportunities that enable you to work with something you had no chance to work with before.

Are you considering doing a comeback? Check out our open positions!

Krystian Margas
Service Delivery Manager


Krystian Margas

Service Delivery Manager

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