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Boss I'm Back! Riikka Säikkälä, Marketing Designer

"I think that in some way even when I left the company, the Tietoevry spirit didn’t completely leave me", says Riikka who made a comeback to Tietoevry.

Riikka Säikkälä / May 16, 2023

I am Riikka Säikkälä from Finland and I work as a Marketing Designer in Tietoevry Care's Marketing team.

When I left Tietoevry, I worked for another company as a Digital Marketing Manager. I provided Digital Marketing services to customers, the main focus in marketing automation. I also created paid advertising with Google Ads and LinkedIn.

Trying a completely different position in a different company was an excellent experience and I learned a lot. Also, it felt like a good move after 9 years with Tietoevry. I learned a lot whilst away and gained a new perspective.

I think that in some way even when I left the company, the Tietoevry spirit didn’t completely leave me. And yeah, maybe that brought me back. 😄

Tietoevry is a big organization and a great employer with many good sides, benefits and possibilities for growth and development. Also, my new role concentrating more on design and graphics is very interesting and inspiring – something new yet familiar, a good combination!

It’s easy to answer what I missed the most – colleagues! We have a wonderful team and being a part of Tietoevry Care and the whole company is something I value very highly. I love the good spirit and the positive work atmosphere we have here.

When I returned, it was great to meet both the familiar and new faces. A lot had happened when I was away, feeling that I’m getting back on track with all the new things, tools and practices. In my role, I am able to be a part of so many interesting projects and teams. This is really the salt and pepper - and the challenge - of this job! 🙌

For those of you who are wondering – c’mon, hop back onboard! It’s a good choice, it’s good to be back ❤️

Are you considering doing a comeback? Check out our open positions! 

Riikka Säikkälä
Marketing Designer


Riikka Säikkälä

Marketing Designer

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