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Boss I’m Back! Lāsma Avotiņa-Žaglova, Project Manager

"Tietoevry’s culture is the first thing that stayed on my mind – you cannot find similar culture anywhere else!" says Lāsma, who decided to come back to Tietoevry after two years.

Lāsma Avotiņa-Žaglova / April 12, 2023

I am Lāsma Avotiņa-Žaglova and I live in Riga, Latvia. I am working as a Project Manager with Stora Enso Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution roll-out in the Baltic countries.

My daily duties include assisting with project planning, following the progress and helping the project members to understand priorities and facilitate cross-team discussions.

After leaving Tietoevry, I was working in another IT company with their global supply chain and proposal creation for customers who ordered services outside the company’s own reach. I also managed small projects that were ordered by customers. Before re-joining Tietoevry I was on a maternity leave for almost a year.

Tietoevry’s culture is the first thing that stayed on my mind – you cannot find similar culture anywhere else! Also, my previous team was great, and I missed those people. During my absence, I also understood that the growth perspective in this company is almost endless.

I was away for almost two years, and the MS Dynamics unit where I worked has grown rapidly, although I initially thought that there will not be many changes. There are more people and more interesting projects to work on!

At Tietoevry, I value the most the way how the employee is treated at the company. If you have ever experienced a thought about coming back – what are you waiting for? This is the best company to work for! 😊

Are you considering doing a comeback? Check out our open positions!

Lāsma Avotiņa-Žaglova
Project Manager


Lāsma Avotiņa-Žaglova

Project Manager

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