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Helping customers with their cloud journey and shaping the future of everyday life

As a Public Cloud Consultant, I have the opportunity to work with both internal development of our services, capabilities and offerings and with many interesting customer cases.

Tommy Persson / September 28, 2020

As a Public Cloud Consultant, I have the opportunity to work with both internal development of our services, capabilities and offerings and with many interesting customer cases.

I help customers with their journey to the cloud and also to get the best out of their investment in Public Cloud. I work with all major Public Cloud platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure.

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The next phase of cloud development?

I think the next phase from a business perspective is that many of our customers, old and new, are getting more cloud mature and are beginning to see cloud as an enabler for their own business growth. In the old on-premise landscape, IT was often seen as just a cost with slow processes. Now we have the new innovative digital start-up companies leading the way as they have built their business around new business models and they have more agile ways of working from start. This means our customers need to have faster development of new services and features. So, there are interesting things happening around the cloud business all the time that challenges us to stay on top of the area with our capabilities and our services.

On the technology side there are many new services and features coming all the time from all cloud vendors. Interestingly, we see a lot around security, management and automation to further increase the capabilities in the cloud. One thing I am looking into now is Confidential Computing. This enables business that had privacy concerns and challenging compliance requirements to move their workloads to the cloud.

Shaping the future of everyday life

There are many new exiting things in TietoEVRY. The merge of two companies where we now are building a new company culture is one thing. Another one is that we have so many skilled people in so many areas and we are working with many different customers from many different industries. We are a big company and we are dealing with companies and organization that deliver many of the things we use in our ordinary daily life, like services from retails, banking and insurance, mills, energy companies, the whole public sector and so on. That is really impressive to be part of.


Different roles & and diverse teams

I have been in the company for quite a long time now and that is because there have been so many different opportunities during the years. So instead of changing company I have had the opportunity to change roles and develop myself in that sense. I would say I’ve had a constant career development during the years.

I started my carrier in the IT industry in in the early -90’s with technical consulting, managing infrastructure, worked with software development and systems administration. So, when I joined TietoEVRY (at that time TietoEnator) in 2004 I had a deep technical background and had been working with some different companies.

In TietoEVRY I was mentored into leadership roles and had the opportunity to work with and lead some of the greatest and most skilled people we have in the area and we delivered best in class IT-services to customers in the public sector for many years from this team. My career then evolved towards more sales related roles, working with large sourcing bids and acting as customer responsible for some customers. In this work it became natural to follow the development in the market and the cloud business as both our partners and our customers started to talk about that. As I still had my technical interest, I took a deep technical dive into the different platforms. And that lead to now being a certified Cloud Architect in multiple cloud platforms, working as a Public Cloud consultant and continuing to learn new things every day.

I am really proud of my colleagues and the collaboration we have. I work with teammates and colleagues that are spread over different cities and countries, and we still have the best possible collaboration and daily contact, both through chat and through video meetings. My team(s) also consists of people with many different backgrounds, ages, genders and they are very passionate about what they work with and there is always knowledge sharing between everyone.


Tommy Persson
Lead Solutions Consultant, Public Cloud

Tommy is a business-oriented cloud professional, advising customers in their cloud journey with everything from high level cloud strategy and the changes that comes from transforming the business with new ways of working, over to technical architectural decisions and problem-solving tasks. Tommy believes that learning is a lifestyle that never ends, and Public Cloud brings in a lot of opportunities for both business growth and personal development.

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