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The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (DigDir) among first state-owned companies to take advantage of opportunities offered by public cloud

DigDir has brought its eInnsyn and eFormidling services to the cloud.

Christopher Arsene de Jesus Wiborg

Chief Consultant, Public Cloud Norway

The goal: to enable a more cost-effective solution as well as provide flexibility and an easier path to innovation. The project was also one of the first in which a state-owned company exploits the potential of public cloud technologies.

“Cloud is the anchor of our IT strategy. By taking these services into the cloud, we facilitate their more reliable and cost-effective operation,” said Ottar Sverre Bakken, Director of Digital joint solutions at DigDir.    

He adds that the shift to the cloud enables DigDir to also improve security as well as lower the threshold for innovation.

Get to know our cloud solutions and services

Prioritizing cloud solutions

DigDir has a management principle that underpins its IT strategy: if requirements for cost, quality, security, and necessary integration are satisfied, cloud solutions should be prioritized. eInnsyn is an evolution of our previous solutions that provides residents and journalists with faster and more user-friendly access to public information.

“Inhabitants benefit from the fact that we are more cost-effective. We can deliver more services at low cost,” Bakken says.

I retning skyene.JPGOttar Sverre Bakken, director of digital joint solutions at DigDir, has the clouds in sight.

From the beginning, and throughout the process, the collaboration afterwards has been successful. DigDir is so far satisfied.

“When we conduct a tender competition, award criteria are set according to which the bidders are assessed,” says Bakken. “After an assessment of quality, feasibility, and price, it was TietoEVRY that received the highest score, and was therefore chosen.”

Bakken believes the collaboration with us has worked well and that we have delivered what we promised.

“Many suppliers will be able to provide a standard cloud service, but suppliers such as TietoEVRY have the expertise to deliver additional value,” he says.

“When we enter the market, we look not only for a good operating partner but also a good competence partner who, in this case, can give the cloud service an added value. When it comes to eFormidling and eInnsyn as well as the other joint solutions from DigDir, we demand a high level of service. So far, we have had a good experience with cloud services as an important part of the operating platform for eInnsyn and eFormidling.”

Hilde Walter Moland, Head of Customer Segment Central Government at TietoEVRY, has in recent years seen that continuous innovation and digitalization are becoming increasingly important for most companies and she is therefore proud and happy that DigDir wanted to give us the opportunity to help them reach the clouds:

“The digitalization of the public sector and the use of digital tools have really taken off in the last year,” says Moland. “There is a growing demand for future-oriented platforms that not only facilitate continuous innovation but also meet requirements for security and regulations. We are therefore proud to be a contributor to DigDir’s important societal role of delivering joint solutions and ensuring strategic coordination of digitalization in the sector.”

Going forward, DigDir wants to continue the journey by exploring new technological opportunities. It wants to challenge the supplier market and will therefore soon launch tenders to enter into agreements in the areas of operation, competence, and security. High competence in cloud services will be key terms in all these agreements.

About the customer

DigDir shall be the foremost tool for the government for faster and more coordinated digitization of the public sector, and also contribute to purposeful digitization of society.

With eInnsyn you can publish your postal journals. Residents can search the records free and anonymously and request access to documents that have not been published. A postal journal is a register of all archived mail and correspondence in a public enterprise.

With eFormidling solution, your business gets a secure, coordinated and efficient message exchange with businesses and residents.


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