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Time to integrate into Public Cloud?

Take advantage of 3 000 certified Microsoft Azure professionals at TietoEVRY - Public Cloud expertise any organization would be jealous of.

Harri Kallioniemi / March 06, 2020
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I joined TietoEVRY at the end of 2019 – in the midst of really exciting times for both our company and our Public Cloud business in particular. We became TietoEVRY at the start of 2020 and grew to around 24,000 colleagues globally. But at the same time, we are accelerating development of our end-to-end public cloud competence and offering.

We have a strong mandate to make the Public Cloud one of our core strengths. This is no internal start-up or trial period – we mean business. And actually, we just announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft with the intent to have 3000 people certified in Azure. This is how serious we are about the Public Cloud.

I have been in awe of how much cloud competence there is already in TietoEVRY. We truly have some exceptionally competent people here – experts any organization would be jumping up and down to have. With this skill base, it’s much easier to start tackling the next challenge – the transformation of how we deliver solutions to customers.

To me, the Public Cloud is not a technology, but a new way of delivering IT services. But in order to achieve that, you must challenge yourself and foremost unlearn past truths and practices.

Let me put it this way, it is typically much easier to set up a unit of area experts than to drive change in an entire organization. Understandably, not all of our around 24,000 people are yet familiar with the Public Cloud and its many benefits. This growth journey is about making a change through every encounter and discussion – teaching and learning from others.

The Public Cloud is both mature and constantly developing

What is also exciting about the Public Cloud is that it’s still developing constantly. Public Cloud adoption started in cloud native application development areas. But now it has moved to transforming traditional IT to address core business problems, including for example SAP on cloud and how manufacturing sites in remote places can be moved to cloud.

This is where TietoEVRY really shines, understanding both old and new uses across the entire spectrum of IT services – and this is where the real impact can be made.

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We champion diversity and growth mindset

It is hard to miss the increasing discussion of modern leadership – the basic notion of putting people first and trusting that this also delivers better business results. This is not a new area inside TietoEVRY, with some of our most successful units already fully embracing this approach. This is also where we’re going with the Public Cloud unit.

If I had to pick three terms to describe working here, they would be empowering, iterative and expert-led. This spirit is also captured by something I have repeated in recruitment interviews with talents: “You won’t be doing exactly the same thing in 12 months”. Development and a growth mindset are essential here.

There’s a big question we cloud experts are constantly asking each other: what is the next phase of cloud development? There seems to be a strong understanding that the cloud is shifting from digital applications to transforming traditional IT infrastructure.

So, for cloud experts interested in their next career phase there’s another key question: what organizations can actually make these transformations happen? I can say with total confidence that TietoEVRY is one of those organizations.

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Harri Kallioniemi
Head of Growth Enablement

Harri has a passion for driving change and transformation. With a very broad industry background, Harri is seasoned in developing business from an early stage concept into ongoing business – and he believes we have only seen the first glimpse of the Public Cloud’s possibilities.


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