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Activate your full potential with Workday and 2020R2 update

Are you interested in tips and inspiration for your HCM journey? Do you want to take the full advantage of Workday´s new nifty features, but have challenges to pour over release notes?

Kristýna Zvelebilová / June 24, 2020

We have guided our customers already through four consecutive Workday update events in Helsinki, Finland. Now, we are proud to invite you for the fifth and fully virtual event. This summer, we are taking advantage of transforming into webinars and bringing more content than ever before to help all customers regardless of your physical location.

The first webinar Activate your potential with Workday on August 18th is suitable for everyone, whether you already are a Workday customer or not. We will bring you success stories such as lessons learned from TietoEVRY´s merge Workday project, tips and tricks on how to get ready for Workday implementation, and insights to benefits of adopting new functionalities into your existing environment.  

During the second webinar Get ready for Workday 2020R2 update on August 19th–20th TietoEVRY´s Workday consultants will guide you through the upcoming features in Workday 2020R2 (and 2020R1+) update. Me and my colleagues will demonstrate new functionalities, discuss use cases, and give you tips and tricks regarding needed set up. Despite the new online setting, you will not lose the opportunity to ask questions.  

Workday 2020R2 is going to be available in September 2020 and summer is the right time to prepare for the new releaseIt can be challenging to find all relevant information, and joining our webinar can save you a lot of time. Based on the positive feedback from previous events, our concept brings value to our participants. I am excited that in August we can share our insights and help even wider audience than ever before.  

Who should join 

Are you interested in HCM Cloud technology? Then this webinar is going to be a perfect learning opportunity for you! I would especially recommend the event for experts in the following roles: HR Specialist, Manager, Director and similar / HR Solution (HRIS) Owner, Architect, Manager, Admin and similar. 

Learn more about the event 

Visit the event pages: Activate your potential with Workday & Get ready for Workday 2020R2 update to check the latest program and to get to know our speakers. 

Kristýna Zvelebilová
HCM Solution Consultant

Kristýna has 5+ years of experience in enterprise applications consulting, services development and related marketing. Her main expertise is in Workday HCM Core and Talent Management. She likes open communication and is passionate about finding long-term solutions for her customers. 


Kristýna Zvelebilová

HCM Solution Consultant

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