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Highlights of Workday 2023 Release 1

How to make sure to get all the value available to you with Workday? Release management is a good focus area to start with.

Kristýna Zvelebilová / May 31, 2023
Digital HR Insights Community

Workday 2023 Release 1 is already live in production and your preparation for the next release should start in August. Now is the right time to reevaluate whether you adopted everything from Release 1 that offers value to your business.

Workday has a good framework for your release adoption planning, but the amount of information available at the Workday Community and in the What´s New in Workday report can be overwhelming. We know that, and that´s why we are making release management more convenient for all Workday customers by organizing a free-of-charge release event every February (for Release 1) and August (for Release 2).

In case you´ve missed our previous event, I want to offer you the possibility to access the full recording of the Get Ready for Workday 2023R1 webinar covering most of Workday´s functional areas. Contact me to get a link to the recording and secure your invitation to the next release event.

Now let´s check my selected highlights of Workday HCM Core updates:

Org Studio Enhancements

Workday is constantly enhancing the Org Studio capabilities. When Workday first introduced this nifty visual reorganization tool, it was missing a lot of functionalities to be seriously useful for mass reorganization processes. Those days are gone. Now, you can easily design the new organization structure, collaborate with needed stakeholders, and deploy the design with many features available within the Org Studio.

Including the Release 1 updates:

  • ability to specify hiring restrictions or make a change job for a new position which you created,
  • new search feature enabling you to search for workers and supervisory organizations within an Org Studio design,
  • option to remove worker from the design (previously it was complicated to remove a worker who was pulled to the design from an organization outside of the design),
  • lastly, you can enable or disable the option to modify fields without effective date (supervisory organization subtype and organization assignments).

These new updates are good news whether you have adopted or considered adopting the Org Studio. Read more


Launch Change Job From Worker Profile

Workday has created a new worker profile card which enables you to easily launch a Change Job template for a worker directly from the worker profile’s summary page. Read more

Local Termination Reasons

Having a global system has many advantages, but typically some local-specific options are missing. To tackle this topic, with each release, Workday is adding several features to help you comply with local business and legal requirements. A new possibility to configure local termination reasons is among them. From now you can choose in which countries local termination reasons display and whether those are mandatory to be filled when completing the employee termination. Read more

Honorary mention: OX 1.0 Retirement - Object Transporter 2.0

With this release Object Transporter OX 1.0 has retired and the new version – Object Transporter OX 2.0 is now the tool for migrating objects between the tenants. With OX 2.0 you can conveniently select the items for migration at your source tenant. However, unlike with the previous version the migration must be running through the Customer Central. Read more

What´s up next? My personal favourite

Workday is releasing a number of features in between the releases, and the new Name Pronunciation on Profile is one of those. This inclusive feature enables users to add a voice recording of their names to their worker profiles.

I personally welcome this option. Just try to read my name. The surname seems impossible to pronounce, right? As a person from a small country working in an international environment, I sincerely welcome any steps towards multi-national inclusivity. Read more

Release management at your fingertips

Those are just a few examples of what the 2023 Release 1 brought. If you wish to get more insights, contact me for the Get Ready for Workday 2023R1 webinar recording.

Implementation of Workday is just the start of a continuous development journey and maintaining a realistic development plan suiting your current and future business needs is a big task. Tietoevry Cloud HCM and CloudBorn team is ready to help you with your release management, either through our bi-annual release event or through our post-production services. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Kristýna Zvelebilová
HCM Solution Consultant

Kristýna has 5+ years of experience in enterprise applications consulting, services development and related marketing. Her main expertise is in Workday HCM Core and Talent Management. She likes open communication and is passionate about finding long-term solutions for her customers. 


Kristýna Zvelebilová

HCM Solution Consultant

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