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Webinar: Activate Your Potential with Workday

Are you ready to activate your potential with Workday? TietoEVRY prepared a webinar to share success stories, insights in emerging HR technologies and tips on preparation for Workday implementation.

18.8.2020, Online
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Welcome to our complimentary Webinar: Activate Your Potential with Workday. Whether you already are a Workday customer or not – if you are interested in the digital transformation of HR, this event is just the right fit for you. 

Join us for sessions full of valuable examples of how suitable technology can help your business and employees to grow. At TietoEVRY we not only have Workday consultants but we will speak also from the experience of being a customer ourselves. Tieto and EVRY recently joined forces and you will hear about lessons learned from TietoEVRY´s merge Workday project.

Thanks to the virtual setup we can strive to invite a wide range of participants, so we will also share tips on how to get ready for Workday implementation, to bring suitable insights also for you whose organisation does not have Workday yet.

In addition to the online sessions, you will have a chance to view a set of videos featuring our Workday consultants´ favourite features across Workday and Adaptive Planning.

Did you miss the webinar? No worries, you may watch the recording here

Event agenda

10:00–10:05 (EET)
10:05–10:30 (EET)
Making Success of Technology Investments

Thomas Nordås, Head of Digital Consulting, TietoEVRY

10:30–10:50 (EET)
Workday’s Vision and Innovation For A Changing World

Pierre Gousset, Vice President Presales in EMEA, Workday

Organizational agility is the key to adaptability in an ever-changing world, enabling businesses to more quickly respond to unforeseen global events and accelerate digital transformation. Now, more than ever, Vision and Architecture matter. Join this session to look under the hood and better understand what’s Workday’s vision on the future of enterprise applications and ERP and learn about our key areas of Innovation: from AI/ML to People Experience, Augmented Analytics or Workday Extend and Credentials.

10:50–11:25 (EET)
How Workday Helped Tieto and EVRY to Join Forces

Matthew Hanwell, Head of HR Technology, TietoEVRY
Jasmiina Galenius, Functional Consultant & Project Manager, TietoEVRY

How to implement a merger in Workday? When Tieto and EVRY merged, we faced the challenge of a scattered system landscape. Join this session to learn how Workday helped us to join forces and create a single global HCM system.

11:25–12:20 (EET)
How to Prepare for Workday Implementation

Olli Räty, Lead Consultant, TietoEVRY

The actual implementation of Workday is only one part of the whole journey. There are many things that you can do to make sure that your team and organization is ready to fly when the project kicks off.

Setting the principles and expectations to the project helps you to keep your head above the water. You are in for a ride, buckle up!

The Best of Workday...

You can look forward to a series of short videos featuring the best of Workday´s different functional streams, Adaptive Planning and robotic automation.

Robotic Process Automation in Workday
Check this short video to learn how TietoEVRY uses robotic automation in Workday.

Workday Integration Technology – Zero Code Integrations
Marko Nissinen, Lead Technical Consultant, TietoEVRY

Benefits in Workday
Anthony Castan, Lead Functional Consultant, TietoEVRY

Learning in Workday
Mool Singh Bhati, Lead Functional Consultant, TietoEVRY

Make Strategic Decisions with Adaptive Planning
Jelena Voronecka, Lead Analytics Consultant, TietoEVRY

12:20-12:30 (EET)
End of Webinar

Get to know our speakers

Thomas Nordås
Head of Digital Consulting, TietoEVRY
Pierre Gousset
Vice President Presales in EMEA, Workday
Matthew Hanwell
Head of HR Technology, Tietoevry
Jasmiina Galenius
Functional Consultant & Project Manager, TietoEVRY
Olli Räty
Lead Functional Consultant, TietoEVRY

Contact us

Hannastiina Anderson

Head of HCM & CloudBorn, Tietoevry Transform

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