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Walking the extra mile for our Workday customers

This August, Tieto Cloud HCM team hosts already the third consecutive event to help our customers to get ready for the next Workday update.

Kristýna Zvelebilová / August 07, 2019

Workday is releasing new updates twice a year and it can be challenging to find the relevant information about upcoming changes. At Tieto we keep our knowledge up-to-date and are sharing the value of early preparation with our customers and key prospects. This August, Tieto Cloud HCM team hosts already the third consecutive event to help our customers to get ready for the next Workday update.

Workday 33 is coming up in September 2019 so the summer is the right time to get prepared for it. Joining the Tieto Workday 33 event can save a lot of time to our customers and gives them a unique opportunity to ask straight forward questions about the update from our experienced consultants. In addition, compared to reading only the release notes from Workday community, in this event you can experience demos and hear explanation about the use cases behind new features.

Acknowledging that it takes time to keep oneself updated about the upcoming Workday changes has led us to ask a simple question: how can we make lives of our customers easier? Cloud HCM team came up with an event concept where consultants would guide the participants through the update, demonstrate new features and explain the business case behind the changes as much as possible. The idea has proven to be successful! Looking back to participants' great feedback from WD31 and WD32 events it gives our Workday team a great satisfaction for all extra work required to host these two-day long insight-rich events.

 ,,It was a great opportunity to get the insights on new features as excepted. I liked the that the remarkable features delivered between releases were also highlighted during each functional area. The key add-on was networking with other Workday customers, changing experiences of implementation journeys. Overall event help me to verify how well our planned roadmap is aligned with Workday feature releases.´´ 

Margit Saastamoinen, IT Service Manager for HR, Telia Company evaluates her experience.

The casual atmosphere of our events allows participants to discuss face-to-face with other Workday users as well as Tieto Workday team. Coffee breaks have proven to be the best time to ask tricky questions from our consultants :). Such events bring value for both the participants and the consultants. As Tieto we appreciate every opportunity to get to know needs of our customers even more.

We’ve seen continuous growth of our Workday services - this year Tieto became a prime implementation partner in two end-to-end delivery projects. And we strive to keep our customer satisfaction high. Therefore, me and my colleagues are looking forward to Workday Update 33 event hosted in Tieto Headquarters in Espoo on 14–15th August 2019.

Learn more about the next event

Visit the event website to see the latest agenda and get to know our speakers.

Kristýna Zvelebilová
HCM Solution Consultant, Bid Manager


Kristýna Zvelebilová

HCM Solution Consultant, Bid Manager

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