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A new SaaS card processing solution delivers a seamless customer experience online and in mobile apps

International bank transitions to TietoEVRY cloud solution to secure improved services for European expansion.

A card SaaS processing solution
Valdis Janovs

Head of Instant, Retail Payments and Cards

The challenge

Modernize the IT platform to provide customers with seamless digital experience that allows them to sign-up, order and manage cards online or in the bank mobile app. 

The solution

A new SaaS cloud platform replaced the existing on-prem legacy solution, covering everything from issuing, clearing and settlement to fraud prevention and authorization services. 


About the customer

The international bank has operations across Europe where it serves millions of private and commercial customers. 

All card related activities handled in cloud

Single SaaS platform

All card related activities handled in cloud

increased automation and pay per usage

Reduced and predictable costs

increased automation and pay per usage

No development or hosting concerns

Futureproof service

No development or hosting concerns

Long-term collaboration  

As a well-established bank, the client was utilizing TietoEVRY card solutions on-premise in its legacy systemsOver the years, this long-term collaboration had resulted in many card service implementations, including highest-grade fraud protection and packaged handling of commercial cards.   

However, to safeguard its market leading position and explore new revenue streams, the bank needed to embrace digitalization and provide a seamless digital customer experience. To improve customer-facing services moving forward, a new SaaS platform was essential. A stepwise transition to a native cloud was the optimal solution. 


Best-in-class, packaged card services  

The TietoEVRY card solutions and processing platform is part of a modular solution that enables banks to pick those services that meet their current requirements and connect additional services as needed. Available in a private or public clouds or on-premises, it is the accumulation of 30 years of experienceBest-in-class, packaged card services for consumers and merchants are tailored to meet the needs of customers and a bank’s operative and business strategy. 


SaaS solution and migration roadmap  

The large-scale project involved deploying a complete SaaS solution and a developing migration roadmap for around 30 products and three million existing cards. The solution was designed to support quick and seamless onboarding of new customers to accommodate an expansion phase into new European markets. Development and hosting are now handled by TietoEVRY, which leaves IT staff at the bank to focus on their core activities. Costs are more predictable as budgets and forecasts can be based on user data and service requirements.    

Customers will have a seamless and rich experience, no matter if they are using the web or mobile app. Consumers will be able to easily join, order and manage cards, securely from their phones or laptops and payment services run smoothly. 


The solution in more detail  

With responsibility for operating and managing the SaaS solution as well as building a service and integration management (SIAM) hub, TietoEVRY will continue its long-term collaboration with the client. TietoEVRY responsibilities include:  

  • card issuing, authorization, cryptography, clearing and settlement 
  • real-time fraud prevention  
  • development of corporate and commercial cards including advanced accounting and hierarchies 
  • integration with other internal processes and industry standard applications 
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