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Onboarding new customers at an early age with Family Banking solution

Paal Tage Austli

Head of Product Development Mobile & Internet Banking

Onboarding new customers at an early age lays the foundation for a potential life-long relationship between the bank and the individual.

This spring, Tietoevry launched self-service onboarding for children. Parents can now simply use their mobile or online banking app to establish banking relationships for their children, with accounts of their own. This is much more convenient than visiting a branch! It's the first phase of a concept we call 'Family Banking', which aims to strengthen the bonds between banks and the customers.

A key factor in a bank's profitability is attracting new customers and retaining them – for a long time. 'Onboarding of children' functionality is obviously attractive in that respect. The Family Banking concept also aims to create excellent end user value by adding convenience and removing friction in the handling of family finances.

Family Banking is naturally fully compliant with regulatory requirements, with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines in mind. The solution automatically handles necessary consent between parents.

Tietoevry will continue to expand our Family Banking concept to build even stronger bonds between banks and families. The next step is to make our mobile banking app adaptive to different age segments. As always, we want to join forces with our customers, just like we built onboarding of children together with Sparebanken Sør:

'Finally, our customers can establish a banking relationship with Sparebanken Sør for their children all by themselves! They can do this easily using the mobile banking app. It is our experience that working closely with Tietoevry results in good products for our customers. We have a robust and user-friendly solution, and feedback from our customers tells us that it is easy and intuitive to use. Onboarding of children functionality makes it easy for families to bank with Sparebanken Sør!'

Ole Martin Kro, Senior Business Developer, Sparebanken Sør

Tietoevry thinks self-service onboarding of children should be a basic offering at all banks in the retail segment. If you agree, call our Product Manager Tom André Bredesen to chat about how Tietoevry can help you get started. You can reach Tom André on +47 993 84 669 or send him an email:


Ole Martin Kro (far left) and Camilla Fedog (far right) from Sparebanken Sør, together with Tietoevry team members, from left to right: Suzana Duric, Laila Frøseth, Thomas Lund, Rosangela Sarno Marin, Erlend Olsvik, and Emilio Hoftaniska.

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