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Extended reality

The demand for immersive experiences is growing. We invite you to explore the benefits of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for a unique customer experience.

Craft the future of your business today

Explore the opportunities of the new Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tech space. Our Enhanced Reality experts are here to help you. Equipped with the latest methodology and tools, we help you innovate valuable solutions to reach your goals and convey value to your customers and business.

We can be your access point into the growing ecosystem of international partners, offering quick proof-of-concept projects so you can prototype and validate ideas quickly. With a proven track record, we are capable of delivering fully integrated solutions that raise the efficiency of business operations and unlock a new level of customer experience.
Gustaf Björn

Senior business developer

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State of the art immersive technology

Overlaying virtual objects on the real-world environment

Augmented reality (AR)

Overlaying virtual objects on the real-world environment

In addition to overlaying, we also anchor virtual objects to the real world

Mixed reality (MR)

In addition to overlaying, we also anchor virtual objects to the real world

Immerses users in a fully-artificial and digital environment

Virtual reality (VR)

Immerses users in a fully-artificial and digital environment

Key features


Envisioning and defining your XR strategy, with both short- and long-term perspectives. Covering the whole user journey and identifying the most relevant elements to gain value from immersive experience.


Complete, cost-effective XR-learning environment for gaining relevant skills. Increased efficiency and safety of operations when onboarding new personnel.


A multiuser environment to do product design. Share prototypes, invite designers, test with users, inbuilt user behavioral analytics. Remote collaboration and communication tools.

Digital twin

Advanced data visualisation for AI-powered process simulation and decision making. Contextual data presentation and visualization.

Remote support

Contextual data presentation and remote assistance with AR, AI-assisted guidance for maintenance, assembly and installation use cases.


Virtual tours, product digital duplicates, digitally enriched real-life experiences (AR), test-drive of products and product customization. In-reality shopping and payment. Showroom services.

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