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Tietoevry chosen to be the new partner for cloud-based operational and competence services for the Norwegian Digitalization Agency

27 January 2022

The Norwegian Digitalization Agency (Digdir) has chosen Tietoevry as a partner for the transition to a cloud-based architecture. Tietoevry will deliver the scalability and flexibility Digdir requires for a future cloud-based operating platform, which will also be ready for operation in the public cloud.

“Tietoevry is very pleased to be chosen as Digdir's partner, and with our focus on innovation and future-oriented technology, we look forward to delivering a scalable and flexible platform that supports Digdir's transition to a cloud-based architecture,” says Evi Seljevoll, Head of Tietoevry Connect Norway.

Digdir is the government's foremost tool for faster and more coordinated digitization of the public sector. Some of Digdir's main tasks are the development, operational tasks, and management of joint solutions such as ID-porten, Maskinporten, Altinn, Kontakt- og reservasjonsregisteret, eFormidling, eInnsyn, Digital postkasse, eSignering and ELMA.

For the transition to a cloud-based architecture and an operating platform for self-developed joint solutions, Digdir wanted a partner who can support the process of achieving efficiency goals, such as stable operation with high uptime, facilitating for accelerating development and innovation rate, cost control, scalable performance and new functionality, as well as a partner who adapts according to Digdir's needs over time.

“The decision to take the services to the cloud is rooted in our IT strategy and facilitates a stable and cost-effective operation. In the procurement documents, we set strict requirements for future-oriented technology and a high level of service. Tietoevry meets the requirements in an excellent way while delivering requested solutions and expertise at a competitive price,” says department director Frode Danielsen in Digdir.

Designing a platform that can be migrated to the public cloud

Digdir's joint solutions are part of the numerous business- and public sector digital services critical for the society that are used around the clock. Due to Schrems II, public cloud is not an option for Digdir in a short term perspective, but they expect to operate in a public cloud in the future.

Therefore, the IT provider must design a platform that can be migrated to the public cloud.
Tietoevry's winning solution is established on the technology company's modern hybrid cloud platform in a data center in Norway.

Through this solution, Tietoevry offers the scalability and flexibility Digdir requires for a future cloud-based operating platform, as well as a platform that is also ready for operation in a public cloud. Digdir's ambition is to move the platform to the Public Microsoft Azure within 3 years from the delivery date, and Tietoevry will, through a transition project, guide Digdir to the public cloud.

As part of the overall agreement, Tietoevry has also been chosen as a cloud competence partner in a new collaboration model. Tietoevry will support Digdir's DevOps initiatives with consultants, knowledge and experience.

The procurement was completed in the period September - December 2021. The total contract value is around 75 million NOK over a 3-year period.

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