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Girls are reluctant to careers in technology - assume it is boring and complicated

Why you should encourage your daughter to choose a career in technology.

29 March 2022

In the coming years, the Nordic societies must become greener, more sustainable, and digitalised. When approaching these challenges, technology is crucial. Unfortunately, the technology industry lacks labour, making us highly dependent on recruiting and influencing people to choose education and careers within technology, especially girls.

The survey “Girls & Technology” conducted by YouGov in February 2022 on behalf of Tietoevry, shows that only 15 percent of female students from the age 15-25 in Norway and Finland consider education or a career in tech. Half of the girls are unwilling to pursue a tech career because it seems boring or complicated. Girls’ reluctance towards this line of work is in great contrast to the 36 percent of male students who consider pursuing tech.

Trond Vinje, Head of HR in Tietoevry, hopes to see a rapid change in this trend and wants to motivate more girls to pursue tech careers. He emphasises the importance of diversity in tech.

Growth is dependent on perspectives from different genders

Technology is a vital part of society and our everyday life. Even though Norway and Finland are prominent in gender equality, women still are underrepresented in several industries and areas. Vinje from Tietoevry calls for an increase in female role models promoting women in tech.

“The digitalising of the Norwegian and Finnish societies is happening now, making the underrepresentation of women in tech unfortunate for several reasons. First and foremost, we are undeniably dependent on diverse perspectives to enable innovation and solve societal challenges. We urgently need female role models in technology to make way for the next generation of women in tech”, Vinje says.

Parents have a significant influence over children's career choices

Central findings from the YouGov survey shows that parents are essential when choosing careers and education. Approximately 4 out of 10 girls in both Norway and Finland from the age of 15-25 state that their parents have a high level of influence in this regard. Furthermore, friends, the media and other role models are also important factors in both Norway and Finland.

“To succeed at influencing girls to choose technology, we need to awaken an interest in technology from a young age. Parents have a great influence on career and education choices. I hope parents use this influence to encourage their children, and particularly girls, to consider tech”, Vinje says.

Technology is not abstract

The YouGov survey shows that Norway and Finland are comparable regarding women in tech. However, some differences are noticeable. In Finland, for example, the percentage of girls who think tech is either boring or too complicated is higher than in Norway. Vinje believes that the public has an inaccurate view of tech and calls for a change in how we talk about tech to our children.

“I am convinced that the way our society talks about tech is confusing to many, leaving people with an impression that tech is abstract and unrelatable. This could not be farther away from reality!”

“Tech is hands-on and practical. It is a field that enables us to solve anything from practical everyday problems to societal and infrastructural challenges. Its importance will only grow, and we need women to be a part of the growth”, Vinje concludes.

*The survey was conducted by the YouGov analysis institute. A total of 1004 Finns and 1007 Norwegians aged 15+ were interviewed using CAWI methodology during the period of 22. - 28. of February 2022.

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