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TietoEVRY launches ambitious gender balance targets aiming to reach equal gender split by 2030

05 March 2021

TietoEVRY has launched its Diversity and Inclusion Charter, as a part of its new Sustainability game plan “Upgrading tomorrow”. The Diversity and Inclusion Charter sets ambitious goals for gender balance with an aim to reach equal representation of men and women in the company’s workforce by 2030. The company has outlined several actions to reach the goal considering a wide range of areas and plans to apply SHE Index criteria in all Nordic countries for reporting its progress. 

TietoEVRY has 2 March launched its first Sustainability game plan, called “Upgrading tomorrow”. As part of that plan, the company launches its Diversity & Inclusion Charter which sets the frame for the actions the company will take in the decade ahead aiming to ensure gender balance in its workforce. 

“At TietoEVRY, we see the diversity of people, beyond of gender identification, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, or age being equally valuable for creating a good and inspirational workplace. Embracing every individual creates a culture, where everyone can flourish and reach their full potential. We believe diverse perspectives are a prerequisite for successful innovation,” says Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO of TietoEVRY.

As a concrete target to advance equality, TietoEVRY has set an ambition to reach a 40% share of female professionals globally by 2026 – and 50% by 2030 – corresponding to 29% today. The company has outlined several actions to reach the goal considering a wide array of areas. 

“As women are under-represented in the ICT industry starting from the talent pipeline, this goal can be considered bold. But it shows our strong commitment to improving TietoEVRY’s gender balance over time. The actions we plan to take include setting measurable and transparent goals for gender balance per business area, identifying successors of both sexes for leadership positions and looking at our recruitment practices e.g. expanding the implementation of an anonymous gamified recruitment process. We also aim to increase development and mentoring initiatives for female leaders as well as awareness building across the organization including enforcing bias trainings. We begin this journey aiming high and believing we can make a difference as one of the largest tech employers in the Nordics,” says Trond Vinje, Chief Human Resources Officer at TietoEVRY. 

SHE Index and other local activities underway 

TietoEVRY has been working strategically to advance gender balance, for many years. The company plans to introduce SHE Index criteria to Nordics to report its progress. SHE Index measures stakeholders’ focus on diversity and inclusion in leadership and workforce, equal compensation and work-life balance. In Norway, TietoEVRY has been part of SHE Index for several years and the company ranks at 14 this year. In Sweden, TietoEVRY has this year reached the third position in the SHE Index, scoring high in areas such as the proportion of women in managerial positions. In Finland, TietoEVRY will partner with SHE Index and will be amongst the first companies to apply SHE Index this year. 

“The SHE Index provides a good set of indicators to strengthen transparency and promote gender equality in working life and we plan to adopt it globally. We challenge other companies to join the index,” continues Vinje. 

“SHE Index is a catalyst for stakeholders to drive focus on diversity and inclusion in leadership and workforce, including equal compensation and work-life balance. By joining the Index, companies have taken important steps in their journeys towards greater inclusion. As of now, companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark can join the index. Our plan is that during 2021, the SHE Index will be available in all European countries,” says Heidi Aven, Founder and CEO of the SHE Community. 

Read more about the inclusion work at TietoEVRY  


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