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Remuneration of the Board

Our remuneration principles aim to attract and retain the best talent, motivate key people and align the goals of the company's shareholders and executives to enhance the value of the company

In accordance with the decision of the 2021 AGM, the fixed annual remuneration of the Board of Directors is as follows:

  • EUR 53 000 to ordinary members of the Board of Directors
  • EUR 70 000 to the Deputy Chairperson 
  • EUR 125 000 to the Chairperson.

In addition these fees, the meeting approved that the Chairperson of a permanent Board Committee receives an annual fee of EUR 20 000 and a member of a permanent Board Committee receives an annual fee of EUR 10 000.

In addition, a remuneration of EUR 800 is paid to the Board members elected by the Annual General Meeting for each permanent or temporary committee meeting. Remuneration for employee representatives will be an annual fee of EUR 15 000.

Part of the annual remuneration may be paid in TietoEVRY Corporation’s shares purchased from the market. An elected member of the Board of Directors may, at his/her discretion, choose from the following five alternatives:

  • No cash, 100 % in shares
  • 25 % in cash, 75 % in shares
  • 50 % in cash, 50 % in shares
  • 75 % in cash, 25 % in shares, or
  • 100 % in cash, no shares.

In addition to the aforementioned share remuneration, the Board members do not belong to or are not compensated with other share-based arrangements, nor do the members have any pension plans at TietoEVRY. 


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