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Other Group Executive Management members

Our remuneration principles aim to attract and retain the best talent, motivate key people and align the goals of the company's shareholders and executives to enhance the value of the company.


Group Executive Management (excluding the President and CEO)


Salary and benefits

Total in 2023, EUR 3.339 million

Short-term incentives 

The purpose is to reward the Group Executive Management for company performance and individual performance.

Members are entitled to a bonus corresponding to a maximum of 100% of the annual base salary based on their individual goals when achievements exceed the targets set.

In addition to individual performance, reward factors include company-related performance criteria, such as revenue growth, profit and operational targets.

Based on financial performance in 2023, Group Executive Management members are paid in total a bonus of EUR 1.089 million.

Long-term incentives 

Participant in share-based incentive plans for 2021–2023, 2022–2024 and 2023–2025.

Further details on share reward criteria available on this page.

In March 2023, a total of 54 445 shares (net amount) were delivered to Group Executive Management members related to share-based incentive plan 2020–2022.

Share ownership guideline

The recommended minimum investment in company shares corresponds to the executive's one time annual gross base salary.

Pension expenditure

All Group Executive Management members based in Finland with no pension plans implemented earlier: annual fee equals to 15% of annual base salary (defined contribution plan (1). The company provides members based outside Finland individual defined contribution-based pension plans accordant with local practices.

Expenditure for voluntary pension amounted EUR 0.459 million in 2023.

Updated information on the shares and options held by Group Executive Management members is available under insider holdings.

1) Payments to defined contribution plans are recognized as expenses for the period to which they relate. After payment of the contribution the Group has no further obligations in respect of such plans.

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