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TIPS industry services

Our capabilities help you optimize your processes and, for example, introduce a new delivery model for your mill execution system.

Boost your mill operations

In addition to a rich solution portfolio across the pulp, paper and fibre industries, we offer a wide range of industry-specific services. Since these services support business-critical processes, 24/7 service time is often required.

Jarmo Ropponen

Head of Sales & Marketing, Pulp, Paper & Fibre, Tietoevry Industry

In the spotlight

Artificial Intelligence needs history data – don’t delete it

Data is the food for AI. How could pulp, paper and fibre industry utilise the possibilities of AI, and what are the benefits?

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New digital services can generate more profit in pulp and paper

Technology innovation can make a big difference in the pulp and paper industry’s profit margins.

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Tietoevry delivers next-generation automated business application management to UPM

The new contracts covers over 150 applications across the majority of the customer's business areas.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable major savings in the pulp and paper industry

Do we in future need full-time winder operators or can operators do something else while the machine does the routine work?

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Our services

Mill health check

A service that analyses mill operations, identifies process improvement areas and creates a comprehensive report.

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TIPS consulting services

Services that target existing TIPS industry solutions and services users to get the most out of their investment and improve operations – including problem solving, Mill Health Checks, trim optimization and other tuning, training, management and development services.

TIPS integration services

Our integration services in fiber supply chain and logistics, for example, allow customers to integrate their partners to the business processes, end-to-end.

TIPS AI and data services

Data is playing an increasingly important role and getting more out of it is crucial. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and other data services will enable customers to identify and fix root cause for process problems quickly, prevent them to happen and provide a step towards autonomous mill operations.

TIPS as a Service

Following customer demand and cloudification strategies, the whole mill execution system can be delivered from cloud as s service, you don't need to invest on your own hardware, license and other assets.

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