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Ulricehamn & Tranemo - Digital tools simplify municipal academic activities

Jakob Henriksson

Product Marketing for Education

From preschool to higher education – a large amount of personal data is handled every day in the country's municipalities. A well-founded, complete digital solution must be in place and work seamlessly across all operations.

For the neighboring municipalities of Tranemo and Ulricehamn, this wasn’t only a choice to collaborate with Tietoevry, they also wanted the project to be a collective digital journey.

“It was really positive that we could work step-by-step throughout the process,” says Evelina Krongbäck, Business Developer at Ulricehamn’s municipality.

“With us as a small municipality, and Ulricehamn as a large one, we support each other. Together we are so much stronger,” says Per Ambjörnsson, Administrative Manager at Administration Lärande in Tranemo municipality.

A complete solution throughout all schooling

The academic operation handles many processes and large amounts of personal data - a reoccurring complex puzzle for several of the countries’ municipalities. Managing such large amounts of information is not only a logistical challenge. Citizens' data security must also be ensured.

Digital solutions tailored to each school form offer an answer to the challenge. This way, the information and personal data is handled in a secure and user-friendly manner. In addition, there is a digital student portal accompanying students throughout their entire school journey, among other things.

“Digitization is central for the municipality, and that requires a digital system - one that is comprehensive from preschool to higher education,” says Per Ambjörnsson.

Secure and time efficient

With the help of an app, guardians can easily and securely register at any time of the day and see their child's attendance and schedule.

“We also have another module connected to the same app that allows staff to register when children arrive and leave for the day,” says Annelie Sallander, Administrator at the Learning Administration in Tranemo municipality.

This way, everyone gets an overview of the children's schooling and can follow it in real time.

The new solution has proven to be a great advantage for teachers and administrative staff. Thanks to the easy-to-handle digital system, time is freed up and spent on more important things, such as spending more quality time with students.

Municipal safety requirements

Requirements adhering to existing laws and regulations is another challenge that the municipalities face. Therefore, it is of great importance that the digital solutions and services used across the operations remain updated and have the possibility to be adapted for future requirements.

“We have GDPR, we have municipal teams, we have school teams. Tietoevry has helped us ensure that we have a high level of security for all our users,” says Evelina Kongbäck.

Continued development

This is only the beginning of the digital transformation for Tranemo and Ulricehamn.

“We are very proud of this digitalisation journey we have traveled together, but we are far from finished,” Evelina Kongbäck continues.

“We want to continue developing our services for guardians, while also making it easy for our employees to work in a system that is user-friendly and simple to handle,” says Annelie Sallander.

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