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Expand the Edlevo Student Registry with various options to further optimize digital support for efficient school administration.

A modular and flexible solution

A number of different options can be added to the Edlevo Student Registry, depending on organizational needs and set-up of the municipality. The product can be flexibly adapted to suit both large and small municipalities and all types of schools.

Ann-Charlott Lundgren

Head of Sales, Education



There are solutions for managing a range of different application processes. From Edlevo Preschool Application for preschools, Edlevo School Choice and School Change, Mother Tongue Application and Study Choice for primary school, to solutions for adult education such as Edlevo Application Adult.


With the optional modules for financial services, you can get a good overview of payment streams, which ensures that the correct remuneration is invoiced or paid out from operations.

Fee management

Optional modules for the handling of documents, calculations and invoicing of pre-school and after-school fees, income reporting, payment of boarding and other payments.


Manage different types of payments such as boarding fees and travel allowances.

Reimbursement management

Manage reimbursements and allowances within municipal schools, independent schools and other municipalities, as well as inter-municipal reimbursements for all forms of schooling.

Attendance and absence

Edlevo Attendance enables teachers, mentors and administrators to register students' attendance and absence, manage absence reports and follow-ups. Edlevo Attendance works for all forms of schooling, from preschool to adult education.

Edlevo App

A mobile app is available for both Android and iOS that enables guardians to communicate with the school, receive news, report absences and access attendance and absence records for their child/children. In the app, guardians can also apply for leave and book appraisals.

Planning for pre- and after-school care

A module that handles attendance registration and follow-up of children and staff in pre- and after-school care. It includes functions that provide daily support for staff. They can register attendance and absence, change and add contacts and contact information, register schedules and access information about who can collected and drop off each child. The module makes it possible to plan, follow up and evaluate operations.


Edlevo Consent is a cloud-based solution for easily managing guardians' consent. The service makes it easier for municipalities and preschools/primary schools to collect information from guardians, who can easily give consent on behalf of their children digitally. The service is GDPR compliant and offers full data security.


We live in an age where large amounts of data are being collected. This means that there is demand for solutions that make it easy for users to quickly understand and analyze large amounts of information. Edlevo Analytics supports decision-making processes within schools with the help of customised views that visualise the information the user needs, whether to follow up test results, waiting list statistics or to get an overview of grades.

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