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Billing and Invoice

Take your collaboration with suppliers and customers to the next level with streamlined digital billing, invoicing, and document processing.

Processing of documents and invoices

Communication via digital channels facilitates internal efficiency and means your business can spend less and get more.

A great deal of your customers’ and partners’ experience is about how efficiently and transparently you manage payment, invoicing, and document handling related communications with them. The business processes should flow smoothly across your suppliers and partners. We support the optimization of your processes – from purchase to pay – resulting in better customer experience.

Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of a completely new generation of digital payment services. Today’s customers want to select a communication channel based on their individual needs. We support your business by offering the channel preferred by each customer, whether it is eInvoice or a printed letter sent by regular mail. For public entities, we make sure that all requirements connected to privacy and security regulations are met.

Gard Heiaas

Head of Billing & Invoice

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