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How to Navigate the Fintech Forest

Fintech, P27 and the ever-changing world of payment!

Gard Heiaas / April 05, 2022

Making a payment has never been so easy - for the consumer

As easy as it was to buy a Tesla, sitting on the couch at home with the iPad, in 2013. As a pioneer in the electric car market, Tesla had the privilege of setting a standard, which the consumer quickly "bought into". Easy to buy, easy to drive, own and charge.

Since 2013, the complexity of the electric car market has grown exponentially. We are talking about different Apps, suppliers, charging points, charging lines and where can you find these charging points geographically? Is there cross-border co-operation with the same solutions and standards, or do you have to learn new solutions in new Nordic countries.

This type of development has taken place in several areas, including the payment market. New regulation has produced an almost frantic pace of innovation and new solutions - all with the aim of simplifying and improving - but has it become easier? For consumers, much has been simplified, yet they have far more options.

Is this also the case for companies? Maybe not. Orienting oneself in the "fintech forest" that has emerged requires one's own map and compass. New challengers are fighting for a place in the ecosystem that was previously completely controlled by the banking sector, and it is easy to be misled. Spending resources on the wrong solution can be costly in the form of poor customer experiences and customer losses. At the same time, it requires considerable effort to get acquainted with everything that happens. Not only what is available now, but also what comes ahead and what customers' expectations are. The driving force for the consumer is often convenience, they want to use services of their choice because it is smooth and easy.

New non-financial players are attacking attractive parts of the banks' value chain and challenging in completely new ways. The airline Norwegian has had enormous success with its consumer loan bank, Coop has got hundreds of thousands of users to its payment app.


So, what do you have to deal with, know and understand, to navigate the battle for customers? Read more about this in our whitepaper. 


Gard Heiaas
Head of Billing & Invoice

Is heading Billing & Invoice, a business unit in Tietoevry Industry.


Gard Heiaas

Head of Billing & Invoice

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