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BIX e-invoicing Services

With B2B e-Invoice you are a part of our network and will be able to receive or send all your invoices electronically,

BIX e-invoicing Services

Business-to-business (B2B) e-Invoice within Business Information Exchange (BIX) gives seamless processing without any manual handling for purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. Services within BIX help you to harmonize and simplify digital connections with customers, suppliers, banks, authorities, and other stakeholders.

The services are built to cover business-critical B2B processes that meet demands for high availability, security, and data privacy.

With B2B e-Invoice you are a part of our network and will be able to receive or send all your invoices electronically. Regardless of the systems you use, formats, the size of your company or the digital capacity of your suppliers or customers, you can achieve 100% digital flows with B2B e-Invoice services for automated management of invoices.

Your company doesn’t need to invest in its own technology or infrastructure. BIX includes a B2B connectivity ecosystem in which Tietoevry makes contractual interchange agreements with other service providers which also includes the Peppol network.

​The service is divided into two areas: ​

- Purchase invoice (inbound)​

- Sales Invoice distribution (outbound)​
Harri Korhonen

Product Manager

Service set up

One-time fee. 
Fixed fee in a standard setup

Monthly fee

One-time fee. Fixed fee in a standard setup

Fixed monthly fee
Basic support
Monitoring tool 
Trade Tracker 
Service maintenance and updates

Basic service

Fixed monthly fee Basic support Monitoring tool Trade Tracker Service maintenance and updates

Consumption based fee


Consumption based fee Transactional

Key features

My Transaction

B2B e-Invoice service includes the tool, My Transactions, which is an easy-to-use web-based application for monitoring the customer message flow in the service. It provides access to real time status of sent and received invoices.

PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL Access Point is part of an open European network for business document exchange. Through PEPPOL, you will be able to communicate efficiently with partners across Europe. Tietoevry is an authorized provider of PEPPOL Access Point.

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Eye-share has market-leading solutions for automated spend management from Purchase-to-Pay. Our intelligent software portfolio transforms manual routines into digital workflows. The eye-share software platform contains Capture, Workflow with XAI technology (explainable artificial intelligence), and a Supplier portal. This system is suitable for all businesses that want to modernize and increased value creation.

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BIX e-Invoicing Services

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Webinar on-demand: Mastering Peppol e-Invoicing

Effortless e-invoicing with BIX Peppol Network

Don't miss this opportunity to empower your business with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the world of cross-border e-invoicing.

Join us for an enlightening webinar where you'll discover the ins and outs of e-invoicing using Peppol and Tietoevry BIX Services. Our experts will guide you through essential insights, helping your business harness the power of Peppol Network for effortless e-invoicing.


Find your business partner and accelerate onboarding.

Trade Tracker is a tool developed to help customers find trading partners´ readiness and e-invoice address in an easy way. The information in the database is constantly increasing and all transfers in the e-Invoice service are logged.

Allows you to create and send compliant invoices. 

Tietoevry´s e-Invoice portal is a web-based tool to meet the requirements of the European Norm where you can create and send e-Invoices in several formats including Peppol Bis Billing 3.

A portal that allows your suppliers to create e-Invoices

The eInvoice Supplier Portal is a portal offered to customers who have suppliers that do not have the ability to create e-Invoices.

Receive, interpretation, and verification of paper- and pdf invoices

Tietoevry delivers services, as a complement, for scanning interpretation, and verification of supplier invoices with a quality guarantee of up to 99.9%. We provide solutions for incoming supplier invoices or scanning to web archives. Although Tietoevry is above all the supplier who helps you get your suppliers to send invoices electronically to you instead of traditional paper flows. We can through information or larger projects help you guide your suppliers to the solution that is most beneficial for you as a customer. We also have extensive experience with certification systems, and invoice portals.


White label bank e-Invoice solution

Two of the largest banks in Sweden have Tietoevry´s solution called the White label. The banks are both selling our e-Invoice service and a bank-branded portal solution for their customers with minor companies for creating and sending e-Invoices.

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