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Digital transformation in the Oil & Gas industry

We are helping businesses to become more efficient and stay at the forefront of the changing landscape.

Combining data, security, innovation 

As the Oil & Gas industry focuses on a more sustainable world, IT helps to streamline, automate and improve processes resulting in more agile and data-driven companies.

Based on more than 40 years of working in the industry, we help your business become more efficient and stay at the forefront of this changing landscape.

We have unique capabilities in the areas of Strategy, Digital Transformation and Cloud and Infra. We help unlock the value of your data and actively support your move to the cloud – including state of the art computing solutions for seismic and reservoir modelling. 

As more valuable data moves to the cloud, so do the cybercriminals. Contact us today to start a discussion on planning for better cyber-resilience across your value chain and partner ecosystem.

Rune Kilstad

Head of Sales, Tietoevry Tech Services Norway

In the spotlight

As the global energy transition is accelerating, Oil & Gas companies need to modernise and shift to more efficient and sustainable models

With a balanced human-business-technology approach and data as the new ‘oil’, the Cognitive Enterprise will take you there faster.

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Are you ready for the evolution of Next-Gen Enterprise Services?

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Time to put resilience at the core of business strategy

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Tietoevry and Tracy of Sweden enter into a partnership agreement for full traceability and transparency

Simpler certification processes, optimal use of raw materials, more efficient warehousing, and more accurate deliveries.

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Seize digital opportunities securely

We help you to plan for better cyber-resilience across your value chain and partner ecosystem.

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Virtual Inventory

Virtual Inventory helps in the transformation of the Norwegian oil and gas business. Virtual Inventory is one of several collaborative platforms benefiting the transformation of the Norwegian oil & gas business. It is a collaboration solution for sharing inventory stock across 20 operators' warehouses along the Norwegian coast. Virtual Inventory reduces the need for keeping duplicates of parts, tools and consumables in the industry. TietoEVRY has developed the system together with NOROG.

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