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Livecast On-Demand: Time to transform your data warehousing with the Datavault Builder

The Data Vault paradigm combined with data warehouse automation is your way to modernize data warehousing. Get to know Datavault Builder in our livecast – includes a demo!

6.10.2021, Online
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Time to transform your data warehousing and leverage data for better business! Experts from TietoEVRY and 2150 GmbH share their insights into modern data warehousing, DataOps, and the Datavault Builder automation platform.

Tune in if you are looking to modernize data warehousing, harness the benefits of automation, and bring agility into data development.


After watching the livecast, you will know:

  • How you can utilize data warehouse automation for better business.

  • How the Datavault Builder enables a DataOps way of working and brings business and IT together.

  • How the Datavault Builder speeds up the data warehouse development.


Watch recording below!


Get to know the Datavault Builder

The Datavault Builder is a fourth-generation end-to-end data warehouse automation platform that covers design & development, lifecycle management and operations. The Datavault Builder with its built-in features allows incremental improvement and flexible teamwork on the data model. The platform has a visual interface that creates a shared understanding between business and IT, and everyone can contribute irrelevant of their coding skills.



Teemu Ekola
Head of Big Data Solutions, TietoEVRY
Teemu is a sales-minded data solution expert. In his role, he matches customers with the latest technology solutions so that they can leverage data for better business. He is excited about witnessing the cultural changes in organizations driven by new technology.
Bharath Vijayaraghavan
Data Architect, TietoEVRY
Bharath works as a Data Architect and has assisted several enterprise customers in their Data Platform modernisation journey. Having worked on the industrial front, he has also first hand experience on the challenges faced by organisations as they try to get full value out of the data development.
Petr Beles
Senior Consultant, Datavault Builder
Petr Beles has profound experience in data warehouse projects. After recognizing the need of automation with Data Vault, he and his colleagues started to develop an automation tool – the Datavault Builder. Today, Petr Beles is CEO of 2150 GmbH, the manufacturer of Datavault Builder.

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Head of Data-driven Applications

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