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15 minutes on Digital Advantage

Your guide on how to use digital advantage to keep your business usual or unusual, regardless of what 2020 might throw at you. Enjoy the video blogs by the industry thought leaders.

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Ever wondered how to continue your digital transformation in a world that changes from day to day?

You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. We’ve come up with concrete actions that you can use today and in the long term, all presented in our vlog series. We know you’re busy, so we’ve kept it short and neat with all episodes being just 15 minutes.


Keeping business (un)usual

Business Continuity
w/ Jesper Viktor and Niclas Hansson

The Coronavirus has severely impacted supply and demand for most industries. Most of us are trying to put out fires and dealing with more and more unexpected issues rising to the surface.

Could a new and improved digital culture help you change your mindset and start the shift from crisis management to business continuity? Jesper and Niclas are here to give you advice on what you can start doing today to continue your operations as planned.

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w/ Emmanuel Raymond and Ingo Leufgen from Neles

The data-driven approach creates new opportunities: when used correctly, data will not only streamline your operations but also improve customer intimacy and gain a competitive edge.

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w/ Christian Guttmann, Kia Haring and Kåre Nygård

In this vlog Christian discusses with Kia and Kåre how the landscape of AI services is changing rapidly, and where they see the biggest opportunities. They will also discuss our position on the upcoming AI regulation that comes into effect relatively soon, and it will likely have a profound impact on shaping industry areas such as manufacturing, finance, and the public sector. 

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Dare to Share
w/ Dmitry Shipilov and Ragnar Malmborg

One of the key enablers of the digital economy and drivers of digital ecosystems is external data sharing and exchange.

While some businesses have started to explore and engage in open-data partnerships, the evidence shows that this trend is still in its infancy. Key decision makers do not always clearly realize the strategic benefits of data sharing in their industry segments, sometimes lack relevant decision frameworks, or simply hesitate to share their data.

In this vlog, Dmitry and Ragnar will discuss the strategic rationale of cross-organizational data sharing, provide examples when data sharing and exchange make strategic sense, overview emerging practices, and outline a high-level business readiness assessment framework.

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Download our whitepaper: When data sharing and exchange
make strategic sense

w/ Sean Armana and Monica Verma

Meet the speakers

Jesper Viktor
Head of Digital Commerce, Customer Experience
Jesper’s experience in e-commerce strategy, as well as all things digital, means that he’s always up to date with the latest trends and can adapt them to your needs.
Niclas Hansson
Vice President, Business Transformation
Apart from always telling it like it is, Niclas Hansson uses his experience from the digital world to change the world to the better, one step at the time.
Emmanuel Raymond
Head of Data Advisory
Emmanuel has been working extensively with business and has a deep understanding of how data is created and what it represents. He can support customers refining and prioritizing their business needs and driving agile business transformation.
Ingo Leufgen
Director, Neles
Christian Guttmann
Global Head of AI and Data
Christian is responsible for the strategy and execution of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation at TietoEVRY. He has a vast experience in AI research, publications as well as business and product development. He will share insights and innovation from different industries.
Kia Haring
Head of Communications and Sustainability
Kia thinks that the most exciting thing at work currently is the dynamics and change. At TietoEVRY, we are learning how to help our customers cope with changes and actually benefit from the technology disruption.
Kåre Nygård
Head of Digital Consulting, Norway
Kåre leads a team of 1000 business consultants and technology experts in Norway. He is committed to simplifying how we understand the interaction between people, work processes and technology which can create value and a better everyday life for all of us.
Dmitry Shipilov
Senior Business Consultant
With diverse background on the intersection of business and IT, Dmitry advocates a strategically-aligned and disciplined application of emerging digital technologies to create new business value.
Ragnar Malmborg
Lead Consultant
Ragnar is Head of Business and Technology Consulting – Financial Services specializing in digital strategies and transformation. He has since 1992 worked as a management consultant mainly in facilitating and driving the process of formulating and executing business and IT strategies.

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