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Driving sustainability through technology: Lessons from Almedalen 2023

How can organizations harness technology to not just accelerate sustainable development, but also minimize environmental impact? To explore this, we visited the Swedish political week in Almedalen.

Ida Bohman Steenberg / July 06, 2023

In the rapidly evolving intersection of technology and sustainability, we find fertile ground for innovation. How can organizations harness technology to not just accelerate sustainable development, but also minimize environmental impact?

To explore this critical issue, we visited the Swedish political week in Almedalen.

For most Swedes this week is known as “Almedalsveckan”, a unique annual event held in Visby, on the island of Gotland, where politicians, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals come together for a week of democratic dialogue and networking. It's a forum where various sectors converge to discuss societal issues, including sustainability.

As part of Tietoevry’s engagement in Almedalen, we hosted an exclusive roundtable discussion, where we united CIOs and sustainability managers from leading companies such as Skanska, Vattenfall, Telenor, Vinge, AFRY, Volvo Cars, Inrego, and Svenska Spel. We wanted to discuss how CIOs and Sustainability managers can join forces in driving its organizational sustainability agenda forward. An engaging dialogue led to three actionable insights that can guide different organizations on their journey to sustainable innovation.

As businesses across sectors become increasingly digital, their role in promoting sustainability becomes ever more critical. Now more than ever, businesses must balance their drive for digital innovation with the potential environmental and societal impact. This new frontier of digital sustainability presents challenges, but also unique opportunities.


Here are three key takeaways from our roundtable discussion:

1. Embracing a unified vision

Successful sustainability strategies demand a clear, collective vision. A unified vision simplifies the decision-making process and makes it easier for everyone to align their efforts. Volvo Cars' commitment to going fully electric by 2030, for example, offers a clear goal that resonates with every member of the organization.

2. Establish a shared language

In the intricate realms of sustainability and technology, complex terminologies often pose a barrier to effective communication. To overcome this, it's vital to establish a shared language that ensures clarity and minimizes misunderstandings. Clear communication not only enhances risk management and opportunity realization but also enables everyone to play an active role in sustainability initiatives.

3. Define the ‘What’, then the ‘How’

As change leaders, it's crucial to clearly define the 'what' to support your organization's progress on the journey towards sustainable digitization. 'What' is the particular challenge or opportunity to be addressed? It could revolve around reducing CO2 emissions from IT deliveries or aligning with your company's objective for carbon neutrality. It could also involve ensuring that technological tools and systems are inclusive, and that data is managed securely while being employed for the greater good.

Once these objectives are crystal clear, it's time to tap into the collective expertise of your organization. Empower your team to devise the 'how' – the best strategies and methods to reach your goals. In doing so, you not only give your colleagues the guidance they need, but also the opportunity to innovate and contribute their unique insights to find the optimal path forward. The result? A dynamic, inclusive, and empowered approach to sustainable digitization.

Our insights from Almedalen emphasize the vital role of technology in shaping a sustainable future. A unified vision, a shared language, and clear objectives can empower organizations to unlock technology's potential for sustainability. Together, we can navigate this digital transformation while ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations.

We wish to thank everyone that participated in this roundtable and are looking forward to continuing these vital discussions while encouraging more voices to join the conversation.

Until next time,

Ida Bohman Steenberg, Head of Sustainability, Tietoevry

Ulrika Lagerqvist von Unge, Senior Sustainability Manager, Tietoevry


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Ida Bohman Steenberg
Chief Sustainability Officer

Ida is very passionate about sustainable development and has been working with that her whole working life. She started out in asset management and then Management consulting at EY for many years, sustainable supply chain at Vattenfall and was Global Head of Sustainability at Tieto before her current role at Tietoevry. On the side she has had several engagements in the non-profit world and academia.

Ulrika Lagerqvist von Unge
Senior Sustainability Manager


Ida Bohman Steenberg

Chief Sustainability Officer

Ulrika Lagerqvist von Unge

Senior Sustainability Manager

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