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Accelerating sustainability ambitions at Tietoevry

Tietoevry’s Chief Sustainability Officer Ida Bohman Steenberg shares her insights on technology, sustainability and the best way forward in an interview.

Ida Bohman Steenberg / September 19, 2023

Companies need to understand how they can actively address critical issues on sustainability, says Tietoevry's Chief Sustainability Officer Ida Bohman Steenberg.

What sustainability topics are most pressing on your working table currently?

Climate, circular economy, and human rights are essential in today's corporate landscape, and also on my workdesk daily. These areas define a responsible and ethical approach to business as well as build the foundation for long-term success and resilience. Aligning with current and upcoming legislation, such as the EU taxonomy and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, is highly important, for staying compliant as well as demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

How do these topics translate to the technology industry? Anything specific Tietoevry is looking out for currently?

As we are a B2B company, our customers are also our partners. We need to ensure we offer low-carbon solutions for our customers and support them in the transition towards circularity. One special highlight I want to make is our human rights work and filling the due diligence requirements. A current large initiative is developing an ambitious and comprehensive sustainability long-term plan for Tietoevry from 2024 onwards, to guide us towards a sustainable future as well as enabling more sustainable products, services and solutions for our customers and the society at large.

The climate crisis, international conflicts, discrimination and hate speech have an impact on all of us, and enterprises are not immune to the situation. How are these topics visible in your daily work?

When we crafted our long-term sustainability plan for 2020–2023, we examined our role as an organization and our potential contributions toward fostering a sustainable society. These insights were translated into concrete goals that reflect our commitments. However, our world has brought on significant changes since then.

As we set our sights on Tietoevry's sustainability strategy for 2024 and beyond, we want to introduce fresh perspectives and adaptability to the evolving societal landscape. It's imperative that we assess our priorities and determine the areas where we can make the most impact. For instance, the ongoing war in Ukraine has deeply affected us, given the number of colleagues who work in the region.

Ida Bohman Steenberg. Picture: Evelina Carborn


The upcoming EU legislation, CSRD, EU taxonomy and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards will change the ways companies approach sustainability compliance. How do you see the legislation frameworks will mold the ways companies do business?

For us, the focus has never been solely on compliance. Instead, we need to understand how we can actively address critical issues on sustainability. I thank the EU every day because local legislation is not on par in the markets we operate. For example, it is the EU currently driving environmental action.

On a more practical level, we welcome the support provided by the legislation and other frameworks warmly. They not only enhance our ability to comply but also support us in bringing on people who may not traditionally have been involved in sustainability. Sustainability is for everyone to work with regardless of their role.

Can you discuss some key sustainability initiatives Tietoevry has implemented on its sustainability journey?

We are proud of several achievements. Notably, our commitment to the Science-Based Targets Initiative represents an important milestone of committing to joint environmental actions. Equally vital is the establishment of our human rights organization and the associated operational processes, which are crucial for our practical efforts in this area. Furthermore, we have forward-thinking initiatives at the intersection of ethics and technology, which we are we are eager to develop further. Finally, our dedication to supporting our customers and their teams in adopting more sustainable practices remains a top priority for us.

Why is it important to engage employees and stakeholders in sustainability efforts? Can you share any best practices for fostering a sustainability culture?

To reach goals and ambitions as an organization and practically as humankind we need everyone onboard. Sustainability is a collective action and we strive to make the diffent possibilities to impact accessible to all. Each employee at Tietoevry has the chance to incorporate sustainable practices, such as circularity, into their everyday tasks. It is crucial to foster a culture of transparency, to clearly articulate our objectives and offer training and insights to raise awareness. Engaging in discussions and joint projects with our customers presents the most significant potential for impact. By delivering more sustainable products and solutions, we can extend our influence far beyond our organization, positively affecting the broader community.

How can technology and sustainability make an impact?

In today's rapidly changing world, technology stands as the number one accelerator to achieve sustainability. Technology is embedded everywhere in all processes, communications, infrastructure and how we interact. Technology has a large role in facilitating global collaboration and knowledge sharing, which allows us to tackle sustainability challenges collectively.

One wonderful aspect of sustainability is the opportunity to contribute positively to our world while also strengthening companies to meet the demands brought on by both regulatory bodies and society at large. This not only allows us to shape a better world but also positions us to thrive amidst a changing landscape.

In today's rapidly changing world, technology stands as the number one accelerator to achieve sustainability.

Ida Bohman Steenberg, Tietoevry

Ida Bohman Steenberg
Chief Sustainability Officer

Ida is very passionate about sustainable development and has been working with that her whole working life. She started out in asset management and then Management consulting at EY for many years, sustainable supply chain at Vattenfall and was Global Head of Sustainability at Tieto before her current role at Tietoevry. On the side she has had several engagements in the non-profit world and academia.

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