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Podcast: New cloud capabilities meet established platforms at Scandinavian Airlines

Data is at the heart of the airline industry, running every single function around the traveling customer. How Scandinavian Airlines has modernized not only its data storage but also data usage?

Data Insiders / March 03, 2022
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Scandinavian Airlines SAS is undergoing an extensive reform where the company systematically renews its data handling processes. In a business where data is highly vital and comes from various sources, it’s not an overnight task to leave legacy systems behind.

The challenge is compounded by the fact that times are not easy for any airline company. However, amid turbulence, SAS established new, even better ways to create new business value from data, says Jonas Blomqvist, Head of Analytics & Data at Scandinavian Airlines SAS. Listen to the episode to learn more!

Jonas Blomqvist has been in the data industry for 20 years and has vast experience in traditional data warehousing, BI & analytics and cloud platforms. He has worked for ICA in retail and Capgemini in consulting, among other things, and for the last three years, he has led Scandinavian Airlines’ journey to the cloud.

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Episode highlights

2:29 Towards data-driven teams: How is data organized at SAS?

6:08 Why is SAS building new cloud data capabilities?

8:22 The first steps of modernization and new business value

12:16 Legacy warehouse alongside cloud: How to overcome complexity?

14:05 Short-term data needs and long-term objectives

15:28 What kind of cloud capabilities does SAS use now?

19:50 Rolling out Power BI - do’s and don’ts

23:29 Shrinking down and ramping up the data teams during the pandemic

28:15 Delivering granular data and self-service analytics to end-users

34:14 Question to our next guest, Miika Leminen from Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)


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