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Summer reading tips from the guests of the Data Insiders podcast

Which books, articles and podcasts should you explore to stay up to date and inspired on all things data, AI and their impact on the world? Here’s what the experts recommend.

Data Insiders / July 01, 2024

The sixth season of our Data Insiders podcast has featured many inspiring guests from a wide variety of industries. The episodes have painted a vivid picture of how AI is revolutionizing our societies.

In this past year alone, the progress has been so fast that keeping up can pose a challenge. The good news is that there is no shortage of fascinating material available. With that in mind, we have compiled this reading list featuring all the recommendations from the leading experts whom we’ve had the honour of hosting this spring.

The list features both classics and the latest, most talked-about works – as well as some gems that deserve more attention. Together, these sources paint a broad picture of the technical, sociological and ethical implications of where we might be headed. So, if you prefer your summer reading to be timely and thought-provoking, write these tips down for your next bookstore visit!


Hilke Schellmann: The Algorithm

Jukka Moilanen – IT Area Lead, OP Financial Group

“Books are always a good way of crunching a lot of data. But if I were to recommend a technology book it might already be outdated. The Algorithm deals with the alignment problem and the ethical issues surrounding AI – these topics are sort of timeless, even as technology evolves. The ethical considerations of giving power to algorithms in our processes and in our society will be relevant topics years from now.”


Buckminster Fuller's Universe: His Life and Work, by L. Steven Sieden

Kiarash Ghazi Zadeh – Head of Intelligent Automation, Tietoevry Tech Services

“I would recommend anyone working in this field to read Buckminster Fuller’s Universe autobiography, which will help with some of the questions that people usually have about AI these days."


The New England Journal Of Medicine: AI in Medicine

Ishita Barua – MD PhD, Co-founder of Livv Health

“I recommend subscribing to the newsletter of The New England Journal of Medicine and their AI focused journal. They always cover the latest studies related to the topic – a great way to keep yourself updated.”


European Union’s AI Act

Hanne Støre Valeur – Head of Tietoevry Care Norway

“Anyone who is interested in AI should read the EU’s AI Act. It’s the first attempt to regulate this field, and it will be interesting to see whether that works – and how long it will remain relevant to all the things that can be done with AI.”

Learn more about EU's AI Act


Vaclav Smil: How the World Really Works

Paula Doyle – Chief Digital Officer, Aker BP

“This is my favourite book that I recommend to absolutely everyone, although it is a bit of a tough read. Smil breaks down the key components of the world today – including energy. It’s an absolutely wonderful read. It’s fascinating how logistics and supply chains work and how human innovation has brought us to where we are today.”


Erin Meyer: The Culture Map

Max Tegmark: Life 3.0

Adam Grant: Think Again

Dennis Peter – Head of Industry, Commercial and SMB, Tietoevry Norway

“My recommendations list contains a little bit of culture, Artificial Intelligence and rethinking. The Culture Map is a fantastic read on how we’re all the same but not the same. Life 3.0 looks at how hardware and software evolve far into the future. Think Again is a great book to relearn and rewire yourself.”


Huberman Lab Podcast

Juha Kurppa – Head of Custom Development & Operations, Tietoevry

“I’ve been listening to this a lot while driving to work. It covers all sorts of psychological and medicinal themes in an incredibly in-depth way.

Listen to the Huberman Lab podcast


Flow Impacts Report

Vilja Grotenfelt – Head of Sales and Marketing, Flow Festival

“I recommend the Impact Study of Flow Festival for everyone – it’s an interesting read and offers more insights on our ways of how we approach environmental impact in planning the festival. And of course: I recommend the amazing festival itself that takes place in August in Helsinki.”

Learn more about the Flow Impacts Report


Anu Bradford: Digital Empires

Kaius Niemi – Chair of Reporters Without Borders, Finland and Deputy CEO, Miltton Group & Partners

“Bradford’s fascinating book has made a big change both in the US and worldwide. The book taps into the issue of how to regulate AI and understanding the differences between the policies in different continents.”


Richard P. Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Thomas Rosqvist – Head of Architecture Advisory, Tietoevry Create

“Feynman was a theoretical physicist whose book goes into critical thinking and being curious about things. He has this wonderful example of how, as a little boy, he was embarrassed realizing he didn’t know the answer when his friends asked him about the name of a bird they saw. Afterwards, his father told him the name in five different languages but noted that young Feynman knew just as little about the bird as before. The important thing is to observe the bird and be curious about its behavior. I think that this philosophy should be a guideline for how we talk approach the topic of AI today.”


Enjoy the reading! And don't forget to tune into Data Insiders podcast!


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