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Podcast: How to create a successful data strategy – not just a coffee table book? Learnings from John Bottega, EDM Council

As the role of data grows tremendously, you will need a more strategic approach to data management. Listen to the new Data Insiders podcast to get the insights for impactful implementation.

Data Insiders / February 17, 2022
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Data strategy and data management strategy: do you have them both ready, set, and 100% running? If the honest answer is "not quite yet," we have something precious for you: the brand-new episode of the Data Insiders podcast.

Amid the discussion, our guest John Bottega, the President of the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council, highlighted the differences between these two components – and much more. Listen to the episode and follow us on Spotify!

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John Bottega is a senior data management strategist and executive with almost 40 years of experience in the industry. He became one of the first Chief Data Officers in finance as CDO at Citibank and served as CDO for Bank of America and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Today he is the president of the EDM Council, one of the world’s largest industry trade associations focused on data management and analytics.

Episode highlights

00:47 Bringing together the best practices of data management: What is EDM Council?

04:10 The dramatic shift in data use across industries

08:05 Data strategy vs. data management strategy – how to approach the two angles?

11:25 Collaboration between business and data team

14:10 How to ensure we’re doing the right thing? Benefits of frameworks

16:43 This is why even small companies need a documented data strategy

19:16 Gear your strategy to the audience: Strategy document in action

24:14 Mistakes to avoid and success stories

31:45 What opportunities and threats do the cloud data platforms create?

38:07 Question to our next guest Jonas Blomqvist, Head of Analytics and Data at Scandinavian Airlines

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