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Time to tap into the potential of Public Cloud – what to consider in the deployment and application architecture

The true power of the cloud only manifests itself when combined with cloud-native software solutions

Aapo Pietiläinen / January 24, 2023

On top of quick services availability, a Cloud-based solution provides an API layer that can be utilized to create and modify virtualized infrastructure elements. This is quite an accomplishment as the application can be used to make changes to the infrastructure.

Cloud-based APIs allow the solution owner to build application logic for horizontal scaling and various maintenance automation tasks, such as replacement and delivery pipeline. This blog post is intended to walk you through these concepts.

Horizontal scaling

Depending on the workload, application nodes are automatically created or deleted. This allows the solution to dynamically adapt to the performance requirements and avoid the costly cloud services being reserved unnecessarily.

Replace-not-repair approach

This approach could be denoted as paradigm shift in solving critical issues, as it really is a new approach when compared to how classic on-prem solutions are maintained. Instead of repairing broken deployment components, Public Cloud enables the solution owner to dynamically replace said components with new and operational ones. This, in combination with multi-node deployment, dramatically reduces service downtime.

Automated delivery pipeline

Although one cannot argue that continuous delivery pipeline is part of Public Cloud deployments only, the dynamic nature of Cloud services and tools certainly invites solution owners to automate the version delivery process. This is true for both the infrastructure components and the application itself.

All-in-all, Public Cloud provides so many opportunities to solve classic data centre issues, that it is hard to resist even for the most conservative financial industry members. We at TietoEVRY have been walking this path of application modernization and Public Cloud design creation for several years now, building solid knowledge base, set of tools, and highly skilled teams.

If you decide to investigate public cloud for card acquiring and issuing, TietoEVRY has a solution for you in form of a cloud based SaaS service. Or we can guide you regarding design, implementation and certification of Card Suite in Public Cloud

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Time to tap into the potential of Public Cloud

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Aapo Pietiläinen
Data Engineer

Aapo Pietiläinen works as Data Engineer in Tietoevry Care's Data and Analytics unit. Aapo has solid experience in data projects in the field of social welfare and healthcare. Technological curiosity and finding practical solutions are characteristic of Aapo.

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