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3 reasons to bring your payment application to Public Cloud

Fast setup, automated processes, and ease of procurement – time to gain the benefits of public cloud for the payments industry

Gatis Liepiņš / October 31, 2021

Public Cloud offers a set of key benefits when compared with private data centre deployment. These features are utilized by the payments industry, increasing efficiency of application management process and making Public Cloud a serious contender to currently existing deployment options, such as private data centres and processing centres.

1. Unprecedented speed of infrastructure creation and updates

On-prem hardware purchase, shipping, and setting up a single server can take a month or more. For smooth project execution, one may need to invest in careful planning of future software and hardware needs. An alternative is to be reactive and order on-the-go, which results in delayed project implementation time, especially in the situation of unpredictable shipping and chip availability time.

Hardware delivery lead time is a considerable factor that is nullified by Public Cloud, where server instantiation and setup only takes minutes. One can truly incorporate a “deploy-as-you-go” approach, relieving application management team from the burden of IT sourcing process.

2. Automation to minimize repetitive tasks and human error

The entire hardware stack within Public Cloud is configurable via software, due to provision in the form of virtualized objects. Such level of virtualization is practically unattainable by standard on-prem hosting techniques. Public Cloud allows a new “replace-not-repair” approach within the infrastructure and middleware layers. As a result, system administrators can spend their time creating and finetuning etalon objects for individual deployment components replacement, avoiding repetitive tasks that can be prone to errors.

3. Single infrastructure provider for effortless procurement

If you have experienced first-hand the IT sourcing process required to build your own data centre, you can certainly appreciate the time and effort it takes to manage software licenses and hardware procurement. These tasks are considerably reduced in Public Cloud. This frees up valuable time for designing your solution rather than negotiating with individual vendors.

Many have spoken in depth about the benefits of public cloud, but in our experience in Payments, there are specifics regarding both hosting and back-end software capabilities that should be key considered when endeavouring this route. To learn what challenges Public Cloud poses when moving your payment software solutions, please read in a blog “Power through the challenges of moving your payments to cloud’’ .


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3 reasons to bring your payment application to Public Cloud

Fast setup, automated processes, and ease of procurement – time to gain the benefits of public cloud for the payments industry

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Gatis Liepiņš
Senior product manager

Passionate about optimizing complex software solutions with inovative methods and services to support banks and financial institutions to focus on their core business.

10+ years experience of card switch implementation, technical account management and solution architecture provides a knowledge base required to support Tietoevry customers in public cloud and the SaaS journey.

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